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Orgreave will not go away; Letters.

ANDREW Lapping (Letters, Nov 18) challenges my right to ask the authorities to open the books on the hidden collusion between politicians and the security forces across this nation.

My recent visit to Scotland cost the tax payer nothing and it wasn't about Orgreave, it was about the behaviour of police deployed to Scotland in operations that were dictated by national politicians and not the democratically elected people to whom they were accountable. It was to hear first hand from men whose communities were overwhelmed by what were in effect occupying forces.

But in relation to Orgreave does he really think that there is no case to answer simply because no one died? And is he aware that the reason that no one was convicted because the police evidence fell apart when it has been admitted by police involved that it had been fabricated by senior officers and dictated to the officers on the front line to produce convictions in courts in order to maximise the punishment doled out to innocent men.

Sounds familiar? It should, it's what happened at Hillsborough. And so is the simplistic line that it was just a bunch of mindless thugs looking for a ruck, just substitute mindless thugs for drunken yobs.

The Home Secretary says there was no miscarriage of justice at the same time as she refuses to release all of the papers related to this case. What has she got to hide? This issue isn't going away because it strikes at the heart of what kind of country we live in.


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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 23, 2016
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