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Organogenesis begins clinical trial of living skin replacement to promote wound healing.

Organogenesis, Inc., Canton, MA, announced it has begun a clinical study of Vitrix, its living dermal replacement designed to promote wound healing in deep diabetic foot ulcers. The company says Vitrix cellular dermal replacement involves living human dermal cells, known as firbroblasts, and the dermal structural protein collagen. Vitrix can be folded and inserted into deep wounds like those caused by diabetic ulcers.

The clinical study will administer Vitrix to 20 patients with diabetic foot ulcers. If the ulcers to not health within 12 weeks, the patients will receive Organogenesis' lead product Apligraf to complete the healing process. The company says Apligraf differs from Vitrix in that it is an actual cellular skin substitute consisting of living human epidermal cells, called keratinocytes, along with the dermal cells and collagen present in Vitrix.

About 800,000 people worldwide suffer from diabetic foot ulcers, which are responsible for 50,000 amputations a year.

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Comment:Organogenesis begins clinical trial of living skin replacement to promote wound healing.
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Date:Aug 30, 2001
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