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Humor Orientation and Honesty as Predictors of Leadership Effectiveness. Bakhsh, Khuda; Rasool, Shafqat; Azim, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2019 3116
All About Your Users: Five Ways to Drive User-Centricity in Your Organization. Lefebvre-Paille, Charlyne Jun 1, 2019 1632
ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP: The Evolution of APHSA's Organizational Effectiveness Practice. Williams, Natalie Interview Feb 1, 2019 2021
Entry Mode Degree of Control, Firm Performance and Host Country Institutional Development: A Meta-Analysis. Giachetti, Claudio; Manzi, Giancarlo; Colapinto, Cinzia Report Feb 1, 2019 17588
THE EFFECTS OF DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT AND INCLUSION ON ORGANISATIONAL OUTCOMES: A CASE OF MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION. Ohunakin, Folakemi; Adeniji, Anthonia; Ogunnaike, Olaleke Oluseye; Igbadume, Friday; Akintayo, Dayo Report Jan 1, 2019 6639
The Mediating Effect of Collaborative Structure and Competitive Intensity on the Relationship between Process Management and Organizational Performance. Alinejad, Saeed; Anvari, Alireza Report Jan 1, 2019 6870
Assessing Organizational Readiness for Change: Comment on "Development and Content Validation of a Transcultural Instrument to Assess Organizational Readiness for Knowledge Translation in Healthcare Organizations: The OR4KT". Ritchie, Lisa M. Puchalski; Straus, Sharon E. Jan 1, 2019 1933
Effect of ISO 9001 Standard on Organisational Performance. Khanai, Suryakumar N.; Bharamanaikar, Shankargouda R. Report Jan 1, 2019 4914
Professional Relationships. Radke, Vince President's page Oct 1, 2018 1020
Building Well-Being by Creating a Culture of Inquiry. Evans, Tracy Wareing President's page Oct 1, 2018 954
Disarming Data & Analytics: An Old-School Tradition. Basso, Phil Oct 1, 2018 1427
Efficiency Determinants of Microfinance Institutions in India: An Indicative DEA Approach. Kar, Santa; Deb, Joyeeta Report Jul 1, 2018 5072
Building Capacity by Hacking Your System Implementation. Booth, Darryl Mar 25, 2018 1740
GROUP-TACIT KNOWLEDGE AND ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: ANALYSIS OF EFFECTS USING A MIXED METHOD APPROACH. Ibidunni, Ayodotun Stephen; Olokundun, Maxwell Ayodele; Motilewa, Deborah Bolanle; Atolagbe, Tolulop Report Mar 1, 2018 8592
Moving ahead on HR reforms: We can and must deliver for you. Chacon, Arnold Column May 1, 2017 744
Effects of transformational and shared leadership styles on employees' perception of team effectiveness. Choi, Suk Bong; Kim, Kihwan; Kang, Seung-Wan Report Apr 1, 2017 3776
New toolkit helps managers achieve better results. Brief article Apr 1, 2017 230
Influence of new generation succession on team performance: evidence from China. Wang, Yi; Wang, Zhongming Report Mar 1, 2017 7354
The advocacy continuum. Feb 1, 2017 253
The advocacy continuum. Kachel, Debra Feb 1, 2017 1544
Strategic Performance Measurement of Employees based on Project Efficiency and Effectiveness. Abbasnejad, Tayebe; Behboudi, Mohammadreza; Sahelizadegan, Foroozan; Mahmoodi, Javad Report Jan 1, 2017 8173
The overlooked role of local experts in learning to use technology in public organizations. Woldesenbet, Daniel; Klay, William Earle Report Dec 22, 2016 8894
Managing knowledge for impact: strengthening the capacity to respond more effectively to current issues and plan for the future. Biggar, Lee; Tappan, Christine Oct 1, 2016 1972
Why easy access to data visualization & self-service analytics is crucial in HHS. Oct 1, 2016 386
Why framing matters: a review of the basics. Evans, Tracy Wareing Oct 1, 2016 800
Workplace stress: implications for organizational performance in a Nigerian Public University. Osibanjo, Omotayo A.; Salau, Odunayo P.; Falola, Hezekiah O.; Oyewunmi, Adebukola E. Report Sep 1, 2016 5764
How a modernized lobby turns chaos into calm. Tipping, Greg Aug 1, 2016 1648
Transformational human services: moving to a new paradigm. Walker, B.J.; Fishman, Tiffany Dovey Aug 1, 2016 1417
Living in an agile world: know before you go. Hussey, Carole; Baile, Joe Aug 1, 2016 722
From catching people when they fall to lifting them as they rise: three digital technologies reinventing human service delivery. Morris, Debora; Toole, Sean Aug 1, 2016 886
Uncovering Oregon's path to integrated eligibility. Duus, Kristen Aug 1, 2016 734
Powering better child welfare and social services. Allen, Mark Aug 1, 2016 1293
Structure and flexibility: policies support work-life balance. Strano, Andrea Jul 1, 2016 1256
Foxholes or firing squads: rethinking government accountability. Miller, Ken Jun 1, 2016 1115
Adding up to success: how the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reinvented its child support calculator. Frisch, Erin; Walker, Jamie Jun 1, 2016 1542
Human resources as a strategic partner for health and human services. Light, Anita Jun 1, 2016 1517
Joining forces: a crosswalk of the human services value curve with organizational culture and climate. Hemmelgarn, Anthony; Basso, Phil Jun 1, 2016 2128
The role of leadership in public health. Popescu, Gheorghe H.; Predescu, Vlad Apr 1, 2016 2450
Employee voluntary turnover as a negative indicator of organizational effectiveness. Nica, Elvira Report Apr 1, 2016 1791
It's a matter of design: our theory of change. Evans, Tracy Wareing Column Apr 1, 2016 858
Charting a course for change: navigating change with intentionally and courage. Bowler, Nannette M.; Hardy-Chandler, Stacey D. Apr 1, 2016 994
Travels with the value curve. Basso, Phil Apr 1, 2016 1882
Unlocking "household DNA" to deliver a personalized customer experience in health and human services. Frey, Rachel Apr 1, 2016 1198
An appraisal of institutions of global governance: the case of the African human rights system. Asare, Bossman E.; Sekyere, Peter Report Mar 1, 2016 7883
Seeking new stops: DAV needs your help identifying opportunities for seminars, MSO locations. Chenelly, Joseph R. Mar 1, 2016 594
Setting the record straight: the good, the bad and the reality of VA reform proposals. Byrnes, Ashleigh Mar 1, 2016 1698
One and done: the strategy and measures you need to make your call center work. Shaw, Blake; Ribas, Leo; Wisehart, Michael Feb 1, 2016 1290
Is Penduka delivering on its promise to women? Links, Anya Case study Jan 1, 2016 1245
Manager effectiveness and efficiency: the effect of skills on different level management. Divleli, Mehmet Sami; Ergun, Ercan Report Dec 22, 2015 6422
Using McKinsey's 7S Model to empirically examine organizational effectiveness among the NBA teams. Mitchell, Bryant C.; Fredendall, Lawrence D. Report Dec 22, 2015 8425
Everyday creativity: practice innovation like any other skill and unleash the problem-solving genius of your staff. Rall, Jaime Column Oct 1, 2015 1421
ICPC comes of age: NEICE brings the interstate compact on the placement of children into the 21st century. Peterson, Mical; Light, Anita Oct 1, 2015 1706
Harnessing technology to improve human service delivery and the client experience. Dalton, Erin Oct 1, 2015 1639
Sustainable health care systems: an international study. Prowle, Malcolm; Harradine, Don Report Oct 1, 2015 8156
Sustainability, public health, and quality of care. Popescu, Gheorghe H. Oct 1, 2015 2161
How technology can impact health and human services. Allen, Mark Aug 1, 2015 803
It's in the cloud: innovative approaches to improving child welfare outcomes. Seale, Ruthie; Saunders, William Aug 1, 2015 1533
Framing the transformation: how emerging trends led to a change management toolkit for agency and association leaders. Light, Anita; Basso, Phil Aug 1, 2015 1438
2,400 iPads. 1 Agency. Kershaw, Amy; Burnham, Matthew Aug 1, 2015 972
"The time has come," the walrus said ... Bodmer, Joseph W. Essay Aug 1, 2015 2264
"Drag-free drift" in delivering human services. Carroll, William Aug 1, 2015 1416
The curious case of user adoption. Bowlen, Rich Aug 1, 2015 1331
The changing human service landscape. Evans, Tracy Wareing Column Jun 1, 2015 1058
Pathways from innovation to transformation. Muth, Stephanie Jun 1, 2015 1640
Refocusing the collaborative: how the national workgroup on integration transformed for the better. Light, Anita Jun 1, 2015 1275
Digital transformation: the promise of greater efficiency and customer service. Allen, Mark Jun 1, 2015 829
Small moves yield big results: federal policy change presages a momentous innovation opportunity. Markowitz, Teresa Jun 1, 2015 1147
Constant evaluation. Burgy, Beth May 1, 2015 399
Ethical leadership and followers' attitudes toward corporate social responsibility: the role of perceived ethical work climate. Choi, Suk Bong; Ullah, S.M. Ebrahim; Kwak, Won Jun Report Apr 1, 2015 5050
ConneCT creates modernized health and human service delivery. Polzella, Lou Apr 1, 2015 1047
The impact of psychological contract breach on organizational outcomes: the moderating role of personal beliefs. Abu-Doleh, Jamal Daoud; Hammou, Mohammed Daddi Report Mar 22, 2015 8331
Our evolving approach to workforce management. Chacon, Arnold Column Mar 1, 2015 542
Decoding the value curve. Basso, Phil Feb 1, 2015 1707
18 months in Massachusetts: a story of adaptive leadership success against the odds. Burnham, Matthew Feb 1, 2015 1740
A strong PMO is more crucial than ever before. Coulson, Mike Feb 1, 2015 1040
New Year's resolutions. Kuhar, Mark S. Column Jan 1, 2015 398
An introduction to building agency capacity. Booth, Darryl Nov 1, 2014 696
How to cut a deal when an M&A looks D.O.A. Coker, John L. Nov 1, 2014 3023
Mining the past to see the future: CFOs and their teams can use business analytics to make better decisions. Cokins, Gary Nov 1, 2014 3880
The effects of human resource attributions on employee outcomes during organizational change. Chen, Dusheng; Wang, Zhongming Report Oct 1, 2014 4697
Using technology to increase organizational effectiveness. Oct 1, 2014 530
Interest is high, but founders have their concerns. Bromilow, Catherine; John, Morrow Column Sep 22, 2014 1978
Do you have what it takes to be a good leader? This checklist highlights the characteristics of effective and sustainable leadership. Lebo, Brad Sep 5, 2014 766
10 ways to attract business investors: there are a number of hurdles to clear before a business is ready to take the step. Allsopp, Craig O. Sep 5, 2014 778
Make data one part of a strategy. Partida, Becky Sep 1, 2014 1547
Learn from the best so you can be the best: harnessing the power of best practices in your business. Holland, Jesse Sep 1, 2014 1346
Assessing performance of Botswana's public hospital system: the use of the World Health Organization Health System Performance Assessment Framework. Seitio-Kgokgwe, Onalenna; Gauld, Robin D.C.; Hill, Philip C.; Barnett, Pauline Report Sep 1, 2014 8295
'Of the six core capitals identified under integrated reporting, three relate to people'. Tilley, Charles Column Aug 1, 2014 533
Everyone wins: the foundation of interpersonal leadership. Epler, Daniel Aug 1, 2014 1329
A contingent resource-based perspective of supply chain resilience and robustness. Brandon-Jones, Emma; Squire, Brian; Autry, Chad W.; Petersen, Kenneth J. Jul 1, 2014 12441
Organizational capacity of nonprofit social service agencies. Paynter, Sharon; Berner, Marueen Report Jun 22, 2014 7851
The effect of organizational commitment on organizational excellence, the case study in South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company, Iran (operating area of Parsian). Shirvani, Aliakbar; Seyedi, Seyed Masood Report Jun 15, 2014 2367
Strategic risk gains prominence. O'Rourke, Morgan Jun 1, 2014 430
Choosing competency over compliance. Barry, Joanne S. Column Jun 1, 2014 771
The pervasiveness of red tape in public organizations. Ljungholm, Doina Popescu Report Jun 1, 2014 2289
Anchoring talent management to business performance. Phillips, Deborah R. May 1, 2014 1767
Proving the value of multichannel publishing. Abel, Scott Column May 1, 2014 741
La fonction d'evaluation dans l'administration publique quebecoise: analyse de la coherence du systeme d'actions. Smits, Pernelle; Jacob, Steve Mar 1, 2014 9371
Online organising--the way ahead. Payne, Cee Conference notes Mar 1, 2014 995
Succession: a process, not a plan. Batty, Joanne S. Column Feb 1, 2014 713
Entrepreneurial opportunities and poverty alleviation. Alvarez, Sharon A.; Barney, Jay B. Abstract Jan 1, 2014 13127
Development plan boot camp. Jan 1, 2014 549
The successful don't stop. Jan 1, 2014 505
Business process model collaborative updating/Atualizacao colaborativa do modelo de processos de negocio. Castela, Nuno; Dias, Paulo; Zacarias, Marielba; Tribolet, Jose Dec 1, 2013 4306
Efficiency advocates: M/PRI seeks best approach through dialog. Janek, A. John; Warner, Ed Dec 1, 2013 932
Danger, Will Robinson! Marketing Alert! Alter, Shannon Nov 1, 2013 505
What have we learned about the cost and effectiveness of the expanded food and nutrition education program? Baral, Ranju; Davis, George C.; Serrano, Elena; You, Wen; Blake, Stephanie Oct 1, 2013 3086
Think global, act local? Think again. Cabrera, Angel; Unruh, Gregory Sep 1, 2013 995
Learning to lead with cultural intelligence (CQ): when do global leaders learn best: recent academic research on people and strategy. Winn, Brad Sep 1, 2013 2522
Interview with Morgan McCall. Steckler, Steve Interview Sep 1, 2013 4748
Leveraging organizational climate to understand cultural agility and foster effective global leadership. Lundby, Kyle; Caligiuri, Paula Sep 1, 2013 3514
Will I trust you more if I think you are culturally intelligent? Ang, Fenny Sep 1, 2013 4120
Personal insights on global leadership from a Japanese executive. Fujii, Masatsugu Column Sep 1, 2013 2737
Behind the global curve. Javidan, Mansour; Walke, Jennie L.; Bullough, Amanda Sep 1, 2013 3154
The other backlog: VA's critical infrastructure. Violante, Joseph A. Sep 1, 2013 490
Building a blueprint for success: sure-fire succession strategies to use now. Alter, Shannon Sep 1, 2013 1370
Power of the people. Dunlap, Nicholas A. Sep 1, 2013 549
Sales efficiency and effectiveness: how delicate is the balance at your lab? Francis, Peter T. Aug 1, 2013 1055
Heck of a job, appointee! Jun 22, 2013 594
Organizational innovation and organizational effectiveness among employees of cellular companies. Ashraf, Fatima; Khan, Muhammad Asif Report Jun 22, 2013 7706
Factors affecting job satisfaction among personnel of the Jihad-e-Keshavarzi Organization of Ilam Province, Iran. Shiri, Nematollah; Mohammadi, Davoud; Saymohammadi, Samira; Rezvanfar, Ahmad Report Jun 1, 2013 3774
A study on efficacy of induction training programme in Indian railways using factor analysis. Chidambaram, Vijayabanu; Ramachandran, Amudha; Thevar, Surulivel Sangeli Jun 1, 2013 4365
Dispositional manpower quality as a predictor of personal and departmental human resource performance. Wu, Jun-Yen; Chen, Chin-Yi; Li, Chun-I Report Jun 1, 2013 4084
Organizational effectiveness empowers agency transformation. Wareing, Tracy Column Jun 1, 2013 773
Ensuring big data makes a measurable difference. Bordone, Adrian Jun 1, 2013 814
Toward better stupidity management. Brief article May 1, 2013 154
Commander testifies on need to fix claims process. Chenelly, Joseph; Wilborn, Thom Conference notes May 1, 2013 1133
The influence of conflict management culture on job satisfaction. Choi, Younyoung Report May 1, 2013 1950
The question. Column May 1, 2013 676
Don't dish it if you can't take it! Arabs and criticism. Brief article Apr 11, 2013 104
In pursuit of adaptive leaders at all levels. Wareing, Tracy Column Apr 1, 2013 1056
The initiatives of corporate social responsibility as sources of innovations/Socialines imoniu atsakomybes iniciatyvos kaip inovaciju saltiniai. Navickas, Valentinas; Kontautiene, Rima Mar 1, 2013 3850
Teamwork. Collins, Brian Column Mar 1, 2013 1335
Implementing self-directed work teams at a college newspaper. de Pillis, Emmeline; Parsons, Blake Report Mar 1, 2013 5312
Sharing resources: office improves Department's HR services. Fridinger, Lindsay Feb 1, 2013 909
Mediating effect of positive psychological capital in Taiwan's life insurance industry. Liu, York Report Feb 1, 2013 861
Imprinting effects of founding core teams on HR values in new ventures. Leung, Aegean; Foo, Maw Der; Chaturvedi, Sankalp Jan 1, 2013 9298
Building a resilient organization. Powell, David J. Jan 1, 2013 1229
Operating cycle and nonprofit organizations efficiency. Michalski, Grzegorz Report Dec 1, 2012 5542
Efficiency of human resources management in railway transport. Daneci-Patrau, Daniel; Patache, Laura Report Dec 1, 2012 4517
Monitoring organizational performance through scoreboard. Georgescu, Luciana Spineanu; Ciobanica, Mihaela-Lavinia Report Dec 1, 2012 1244
Exploring the rhetoric and reality of performance management systems and organisational effectiveness--evidence from Australia. Nankervis, Alan R.; Stanton, Pauline; Foley, Pat Report Dec 1, 2012 8744
Data standardization: an essential component of program integration. Goolsby, Larry; Levin, Bertha Dec 1, 2012 2660
Embassy streamlines visitor check-in with iPads. Oct 1, 2012 333
They do everything by the eBook: Westchester County turned overlooked documents into a powerful online tool for its child welfare workers. Rubin, Jon Oct 1, 2012 1080
Towards cost effective data centers. Ahuja, Ajay; Gautam, Vinayshil Report Oct 1, 2012 5148
Readiness for Change. White Paper. Howley, Caitlin Report Aug 24, 2012 214
Unity of the organizational functions flexibility. Moldoveanu, George; Dobrin, Cosmin Report Aug 1, 2012 2450
Director's memo. Wareing, Tracy Aug 1, 2012 846
Technology--empowering communication. Uher, Jerome Editorial Aug 1, 2012 876
Human service business needs drive technology. DeSantis, Cari Aug 1, 2012 1015
Health and human service agencies must embrace the mobile revolution. Beil, Garrick Aug 1, 2012 810
The moderating effect of transformational leadership on knowledge management and organizational effectiveness. Chi, Hsin-Kuang; Lan, Chun-Hsiung; Dorjgotov, Battogtokh Report Jul 1, 2012 3050
Seeking the elusive credibility factor. Kouzes, James; Posner, Barry Essay Jul 1, 2012 2780
Wisconsin's efforts in change management through OE efforts. Sieck, Chris; Brown, Julie; Romenesko, Todd Jun 1, 2012 2164
Breakthrough communication tactics: using social media in your agency. Loewner, Samuel M. Apr 1, 2012 1457
Fish where the fish are four technology trends to watch in human services. Swaminathan, Kishore S. Apr 1, 2012 814
Research Library Issues: A Quarterly Report from ARL, CNI, and SPARC. RLI 278. Baughman, M. Sue, Ed. Report Mar 1, 2012 209
Fostering a culture of reform: from the National Adjutant. Wilson, Arthur H. Column Mar 1, 2012 997
Collaborative Forum pilots assistance program innovations. Goolsby, Larry; Levin, Bertha Feb 1, 2012 2109
Raising the Locals Voice brings stories of innovation to the field. Rubin, Jon Feb 1, 2012 1596
Assessing an Asian University's organizational effectiveness using the Malcolm Baldridge Model. Javier, Flora V. Report Jan 1, 2012 5102
Proposed leadership structure for joint acquisition programs. Harris, Howard; Lewis, Mark Report Jan 1, 2012 4585
Finger-pointing vs. facing a challenge. Uher, Jerome Editorial Oct 1, 2011 840
Multi-dimensional approach to union effectiveness--case studies from Indonesia & Malaysia. Satrya, Aryana; Parasuraman, Balakrishnan Oct 1, 2011 5996
Malaysian polytechnics transformation of excellence entails competence in facilities management. Awang, Mariah Binti; Mohammed, Abd Hakim Bin Report Sep 1, 2011 6871
Promising prospects for implementing change. Wareing, Tracy Aug 1, 2011 960
SOA what (and SOA what's possible?) Enterprise architecture as the foundation for legacy systems renewal. Rouelle, Angela; McCurley, Dave; Dicuffa, Tony Aug 1, 2011 869
Maximum flexibility-minimum risk: Risk Management for your project. Lemelin, Jon; Fish, Phyllis Aug 1, 2011 810
Leaders' and followers' social rank styles interact to predict group performance. Kelly, Allison C.; Zuroff, David C.; Leybman, Michelle J.; Martin, Alia Report Aug 1, 2011 5822
Interagency task forces: the right tools for the job. Pope, Robert S. Report Jun 22, 2011 14476
The issue of effectiveness in international environmental regimes/ Uluslararasi cevre rejimlerinde etkinlik sorunu. Kaya, Yasemin; Kaya, Sezgin Report Jun 22, 2011 10336
XBRL and ERM: increasing organizational effectiveness. Thomson, Jeffrey C.; Iyer, Uma May 1, 2011 1417
Enhancing effectiveness of employee performance management system: strategy, organisational culture fit model. Gautam, Vinayshil; Upadhyay, Jai Prakash Report Apr 1, 2011 5869
Merced County: human Services agency leadership program and impact on workforce development. Pagan, Ana; O'Brien, Robin Apr 1, 2011 1076
Competence management in high-technology organizations. Jelavic, Matthew Essay Mar 22, 2011 1047
Are state government workers satisfied with their jobs when the organization is effective? Caillier, James G. Report Mar 3, 2011 8437
Understanding NATO's sustainability: the Limits of institutionalist theory. Menon, Anand; Welsh, Jennifer Report Jan 1, 2011 6228
Divided partners: the challenges of NATO-NGO cooperation in peacebuilding operations. Gheciu, Alexandra Report Jan 1, 2011 8606
New thinking about instructional leadership: schools that improve student achievement are more likely to have principals who are strong organizational managers than are schools with principals who spend more of their time observing classrooms or directly coaching teachers. Horng, Eileen; Loeb, Susanna Report Nov 1, 2010 2209
Management styles, productivity & adaptability of human resources: an empirical study. Jain, Ravindra; Premkumar, R. Oct 1, 2010 5858
Timely, continuous & credible communication & perceived organizational effectiveness. Raina, Reeta Oct 1, 2010 5736
What works? Program evaluation assesses strengths. Cabell, Stephanie Oct 1, 2010 837
Battling the fear of quotas: Canada has an ambitious education program underway. Jeffery, Pamela Sep 22, 2010 673
Building human capital through virtual team operating agreements. Jabro, Ann D. Report Sep 22, 2010 4892
An exploratory study of virtual collaboration using Facebook. Wiggins, Bradley E. Report Sep 22, 2010 4426
A confluence of need and knowledge. DeSantis, Cari Aug 1, 2010 959
Framework for the Future. Dreyfus, Susan N. Aug 1, 2010 848
Pennsylvania's call center: a model for health care reform implementation. Johnson, Gary; Wolf, Kristen Aug 1, 2010 740
Understanding the challenges: is key to soliving problems. Basso, Phil; Kelley, Kathy Jones; Rubin, Jon Aug 1, 2010 827
Communicating the 'DFPS Way'. Azar, Darrell Aug 1, 2010 793
Process management--they speak for themselves. Shaw, Blake Aug 1, 2010 865
The mediating effects of team efficacy on the relationship between a transactive memory system and team performance. Liu, Bangcheng; Zang, Zhi Report Aug 1, 2010 1410
The relationships among employees' job stress, job satisfaction, and the organizational performance of hamadan urban health centers. Hamidi, Yadollah; Eivazi, Zahra Report Aug 1, 2010 1849
The quest to be relevant and the results of our efforts: Part 1--the background to why relevance is the central driver to the NEHA story. Fabian, Nelson Jul 1, 2010 1094
With the Strategy Support tool: improving organizational decision-making. Cleave, John B.; Wulczyn, Fred Jun 1, 2010 1261
EHSResults: using performance measurement to transform a culture. Bigby, Judy Ann Jun 1, 2010 824
Biggest loser takes on paper. Snow, Laurie Jun 1, 2010 807
Why Tazara is in a fine mess. Mbewe, Austin Jun 1, 2010 1253
LARC2: Integrated Children's Services and the CAF Process. Easton, Claire; Morris, Marian; Gee, Geoff Author abstract Apr 1, 2010 182
Deloitte: business value metrics needed to gauge data management. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 291
Child welfare audit preparation: where we've been and where we're going. Benning, Jennifer; Jackson, Andrea Apr 1, 2010 815
Idaho gets lean--doing more, with less. McCurely, Dave Apr 1, 2010 833
What do we mean by 'Empowerment?'. Zimmerman, Barry L. Apr 1, 2010 860
Building organizational effectiveness capacity in support functions. Feb 1, 2010 338
Harnessing the power of IT to improve the HHS benefits process. Ploog, Holli Feb 1, 2010 798
Saving more with card-based payment and tracking technologies. Shollenberger, Bard Feb 1, 2010 774
Setting the right course. Browning, Phil Feb 1, 2010 808
The evolving mindset of the Chinese manager. Shapero, Morris A. Report Jan 1, 2010 8134
Addressing Barriers to Learning. Volume 15, Number 3. Summer 2010. Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 225
Organizational components and the four-fold functions of the MSU system Colleges of Agriculture. Ilupa, Nida A. Report Dec 1, 2009 7502
Multiskilling in construction--a strategy for stable employment/Gretutines specialybes statyboje--darnaus uzimtumo strategija. Lill, Irene Report Dec 1, 2009 9207
On organizational effectiveness ... Basso, Phil Brief article Dec 1, 2009 330
Office of performance evaluation: HR Innovations. Powell, D.G. Nancy J. Oct 1, 2009 572
Member record books are useful tools for evaluating 4-H club programs. Forero, Larry; Heck, Katherine E.; Weliver, Pat; Carlos, Ramona M.; Nguyen, Thi; Lane, Audra Report Oct 1, 2009 3146
Change happens. Whipple, Kris Sep 1, 2009 702
Has the QFII scheme strengthened corporate governance in China? Tan, Michael N.T. Report Sep 1, 2009 5846
New hope for measuring R&D effectiveness. Knott, Anne Marie Sep 1, 2009 1788
Multiple dimensions to the application for the effectiveness of team building in ROTC. Chen, Yin-Che; Chen, Yun-Chi; Tsao, Ya-Lun Report Jun 22, 2009 4587
Regulation and American business. Echeverri-Carroll, Elsie; Ayala, Sofia G. Report Jun 1, 2009 4980
An analysis of the relative efficiency of wastewater utilities in non-metropolitan New South Wales and Victoria. Byrnes, Joel; Crase, Lin; Dollery, Brian; Villano, Renato Report May 1, 2009 7622
Effective Organizational Practices for Middle and High School Grades: A Qualitative Study of What's Helping Philadelphia Students Succeed in Grades 6-12. Christman, Jolley Bruce; Brown, Diane; Burgess, Sarah; Kay, Joseph; Maluk, Holly Plastaras; Mitchell Report Apr 1, 2009 204
Personal & situational factors as predictors of managerial motivation. Sharma, Baldev R.; Mohapatra, Mamta Jan 1, 2009 5961
Australian call centres: time to search for a new management model? Connell, Julia; Hannif, Zeenobyah; Burgess, John Report Jan 1, 2009 5228
Managerial effectiveness as a function of culture and tolerance of ambiguity: a cross-cultural study of India and Fiji. Pathak, R.D.; Chauhan, Vinit Singh; Dhar, Upinder; Van Gramberg, Bernadine Report Jan 1, 2009 6792
Recruitment/selection and training/development practices: value-added contribution towards organizational effectiveness. Othman, Abang Ekhsan Abang Report Jan 1, 2009 11457
Focusing on cost management during economic downturns. Schiff, Jonathan; Schiff, Allen L. Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2008 1032
Setting and scoring your goals: goals are stated ambitions; and all leaders know they must set them and follow them up till they are accomplished. For, failure to set goals reduces leadership to management by chance and hunches--a sure recipe for corporate disaster. Kumuyi, William F., Dr Jul 1, 2008 1443
Keys to effective enterprise learning. Sims, Morris Jun 23, 2008 1436
A production self-efficacy scale: an exploratory study. Mosley, Don C., Jr.; Boyar, Scott L.; Carson, Charles M.; Pearson, Allison W. Jun 22, 2008 5660
Leadership style and organizational commitment: mediating effect of role stress. Dale, Kathleen; Fox, Marilyn L. Mar 22, 2008 8714
Aligning maintenance metrics: improving C-5 TNMCM. Pendley, Scotty A.; Thoele, Benjamin A.; Albrecht, Timothy W.; Howe, Jeremy A.; Antoline, Anthony F. Report Mar 22, 2008 7282
Where RM should report to ensure effective electronic records management: as the volume of electronically stored information continues to grow exponentially, it is crucial for records management to report wherever it will gain the most influence and leverage across the organization. Choksy, Carol E.B. Mar 1, 2008 2164
Take the stage. Maselli, Frank Feb 4, 2008 915
Program evaluations: improving operational effectiveness and organizational efficiency (Part three). Lee, W. Dean Feb 1, 2008 2029
Career Transitions across and within Organizations: Implications for Human Resource Development. Banks, Claretha H.; Nafukho, Fredrick Muyia Report Feb 1, 2008 141
Revision and Validation of an Instrument Measuring Managerial Coaching Skills in Organizations. Park, Sohee; McLean, Gary N.; Yang, Baiyin Report Feb 1, 2008 151
Integrating Individual Learning Processes and Organizational Knowledge Formation: Foundational Determinants for Organizational Performance. Song, Ji Hoon; Chermack, Thomas J.; Kim, Hong Min Report Feb 1, 2008 148
Leading your business to maximum results: three questions every executive needs to answer first--and the tools for getting the answers. Morris, Drew Jan 1, 2008 3255
Supply chain integration and organizational success. Lummus, Rhonda R.; Vokurka, Robert J.; Krumwiede, Dennis Jan 1, 2008 4141
From ideological to competency-based: the rebranding and maintaining of medical social work's identity. Silverman, Ed Report Jan 1, 2008 1630
Organizational effectiveness: evolution of training. Adams, Wendy Dec 1, 2007 815
Measuring the black box: how to design and implement innovation metrics. Anthony, Scott D.; Fransblow, Steven; Wunker, Steve Dec 1, 2007 1995
The Gangsta motivator reveals the mysteries of the Aych-Are tribe. Spencer, L. Vaughn Dec 1, 2007 611
Gaining an edge with vendor-supplier relations: positive franchise relations don't just happen, people need to work at it and have a plan to develop it. Baldine, Peter V. Nov 1, 2007 978
Complementing capital: the role of status, demographic features, and social capital in founding teams' abilities to obtain resources. Packalen, Kelley A. Nov 1, 2007 9152
Assessing the relationship between human capital and firm performance: evidence from technology-based new ventures. Shrader, Rod; Siegel, Donald S. Nov 1, 2007 7319
Note to instructors: building a better rat trap. Terjesen, Siri Nov 1, 2007 1726
Serious games are the road map to success: a leading car manufacturer is using immersive learning to improve its sales force's knowledge. Elizabeth Eyre finds out why, for Volvo, knowledge acquisition is no game. Eyre, Elizabeth Nov 1, 2007 1632
From stress to strengths: Alex Linley & Dominic Carter look at some of the most important research into wellbeing--and its impact on the world of work. Linley, Alex; Carter, Dominic Nov 1, 2007 2445
Too HR or not too HR? James Traeger and Claire McCartney argue that a successful diversity policy can only be delivered in a holistic and planned fashion. Traeger, James; McCartney, Claire Nov 1, 2007 2390
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