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Organizational behavior 4; from theory to practice.


Organizational behavior 4; from theory to practice.

Miner, John B.

M.E. Sharpe, Inc.


393 pages




The field of organizational behavior may seem a bit fuzzy at the edges, admits consultant Minor, but what it is not is the study of strategic management or philosophy. Here he focuses on what the field of organizational behavior addresses in terms of its prevailing theories and how those theories apply to the practice of management. He begins by describing how practice and theory operate and interrelate, then describes specific theories of motivation apply to practice (as in Lewin's social psychology and change processes or goal setting), leadership (as in Fiedler's contingency theory to the leader-match approach of management development), decision-making (as in Beach's image theory to organizational decision making), systems theory and the processes and structures of organizations (as in Trist's and Emery's sociotechnical systems theory to autonomous work groups), bureaucracy-related concepts to the processes and structures of organizations and from sociological concepts of organization to macro-organizational functioning.

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