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Organization for bedroom, kitchen.

What drawer couldn't benefit from a little organization? Here you see how plastic does the arranging. These three drawers use 1/4-inch sheet acrylic, because its narrow profile takes up little space and its surface is easy to clean. The acrylic can be cut using a fine blade in a table or radial-arm saw, or a circular saw with guide. Acrylic solvent bonds the joints. For the example shown above, a plastic store cut 5-inch-tall strips of acrylic to fit the depth of the drawers. The rows of socks hold the acrylic in place, and it in turn keeps socks in order. Similar dividers separate clothing in lower drawers. At right are two of several kitchen organizers designed by Steve Meisel of Woodland Hills, California. For the utensil organizers, he had the homeowner arrange items in the drawers where she wanted them, then designed the enclosures to fit. The cut strips were sanded, and their butt joints were bonded with solvent. The sugar and flour bins were sized to a bottom drawer; their hinged lids keep them sealed. For tools and materials (including the plastic hinges) or for fabricators, look in the yellow pages under Plastics.
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Date:Dec 1, 1990
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