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Organic spectroscopy; principles and applications, 2d ed.



Organic spectroscopy; principles and applications, 2d ed.

Mohan, Jag.

Narosa Publishing House, [c]2004

548 p.


Written primarily to stimulate the interest of students in spectroscopy and make them aware of the latest developments in the field, this book begins with a general introduction to electromagnetic radiation and molecular spectroscopy. In addition to examining traditional topics, such as NMR and mass spectrometry, the book discusses emerging techniques including negative ion mass spectrometry. There is also a detailed account of optical rotary dispersion and circular dichroism. This second edition contains sample and study problems, as well as new material on harmonic molecular vibrations and composite spectral problems. The book is distributed in the US by CRC Press.
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Title Annotation:CHEMISTRY
Publication:SciTech Book News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 1, 2005
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