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Organic Food Production - A Growing Business?

ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCTION-a GROWING BUSINESS? 79 pages. Price: 45.00 [pounds]. (UK: CFDRA or Food Trade Press) This is another Proceedings of a symposium run by the Food and Drink Research Association. Early last November the event was held and it was very topical because the whole area of organic food production and its reception in the marketplace is of great interest to many people, be they manufacturers or retailers.

In fact, this A4 publication does not truly form the Proceedings of the symposium because one of the papers was not available for use in the text. So one can only read the presentations that were entitled; An overview of current organic production in the UK and Europe; Organic agriculture in Israel; Measurement of quality of organic produce; Current developments in the regulation of organic agriculture; The challenge and difficulties of large scale organic production; A retailer's view of the organic market; Analytical survey of the nutritional composition of organically grown vegetables; and Organic foods - the marketplace response but Supplying the retailers' requirement for fresh produce was the title of a paper that was only heard by those present.

In the average retail outlet one is now able to purchase a fairly wide variety of organically grown produce but the price is always higher. Now that the average UK purchaser spends an ever decreasing proportion of income on food, it may be that price differentials will not have a significant effect. Having said that, it is also true to say that those who live in the UK do not seem overinclined to spend more than is strictly necessary on food. Such characteristics could have an interesting effect on the potential of this whole area of 'green' food.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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