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Oregon pride.

It's been more than 30 years since I moved from Oregon to Iowa, but I still love the coast. My dad used to say, You haven't lived until you've seen the sun set on the Oregon coast." The September Sunset made me appreciate (and miss!) that coast once again. I need to make a trip to walk the beach, feel the sea breeze, watch the seagulls, and eat the wonderful seafood! I'm glad I can share the issue with friends who haven't been lucky enough to spend time there--yet.--CAROL BARTHOLOMEW MILLER, AMES, IA


* Your story about dog-friendly places on the coast (September, page 25) leaves off the most obvious one: Manzanita, Oregon. This gem of a town offers tons of dog-friendly lodging, a stunning beach where pooches can let it all hang out, and the best dog-supply store on the Oregon coast. Our beagle would much rather hang out with her friends in Manzanita than walk the often crowded streets of Cannon Beach.--SABINE ENDICOTT, UNIVERSITY PLACE, WA

* So "nothing ever happens" in Bandon (September, page 56)? I built a home here because there is always something to do. Besides the summer market, which sells everything from quilts to vegetables, there's whale-watching (we've enjoyed seeing them breach and jump for days), funny pelicans arid their awkward landings, sandpipers and their mob mentality, hiking trails, caves to explore (where I once found a woman singing due to the acoustics), restaurants galore, shops with quality goods, and lots of friendly people.


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Title Annotation:YOU SAID IT
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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