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Oregon police seek motive in mysterious murder-suicide.

Police in Oregon say they believe an American man shot dead an Iranian immigrant woman who worked with him in the same office, then shot himself to death. What they can't figure out is why.

Jim Morgan was 51 and Mitra Mehrabadi was 36. They worked together in the same insurance office. Their families were close and socialized together. Relatives and co-workers say they are unaware of any frictions between the two.

On Saturday morning, October 22, Morgan told his wife goodbye and drove to his office at Liberty Mutual Insurance. There, police say, he shot Mehrabadi multiple times.

He then left the office, drove about a mile away and sat in his car with the gun. Passerby saw the weapon and summoned police. As the police approached the car, a gunshot rang out as Morgan shot himself.

Ballistics tests show the same weapon killed both Morgan and Mehrabadi. But the tests don't reveal why. And, after more than a week of investigations, police remain mystified.

Morgan's widow, Diane Morgan, told a local television station her husband was a "loving and devoted husband, father and neighbor." She confirmed that the Morgans and Mehrabadis were close and spent time together socially, including dinner gatherings at each other's residences.

Mehrabadi and her husband, Morteza Rezaee, came to the United States from Iran about four years ago. Mehrabadi and her husband have an eight-year-old daughter. The Morgans have a 17-year-old daughter.

Morgan's widow said her husband left home that last day telling her he was going to a hardware store to look for fencing material. She said she was unaware of any hostility between her husband and Mehrabadi.

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Title Annotation:Diaspora: Around the globe
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Date:Nov 4, 2016
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