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Oregon is first to adopt CSWS recycling goals.

Oregon Is First to Adopt CSWS Recycling Goals

Governor Barbara Roberts of Oregon has signed into law an omnibus solid waste management bill that requires rigid plastic containers to achieve a 25% recycling rate or recycled content by 1995. The governor's action makes Oregon the first state to enact legislation reflecting the plastics industry's nationwide recycling goals, which were announced in March by SPI's Council for Solid Waste Solutions (CSWS).

The plastic-container provisions of the bill are the result of CSWS-led negotiations with the Oregon State Public Interest Research Group (OSPIRG). The group sponsored an "environmentally acceptable" packaging initiative on the state's November 1990 ballot representing a de facto ban on plastic packaging. It was defeated by the voters. With the passage of the "compromise" solid waste management bill, OSPIRG has pledged not to pursue another ballot initiative in 1992.

Under the new law, comprehensive recycling and market development programs will be established to support the state's recycling mandates, which are also imposed on glass, newsprint, and telephone directories. The law also calls for mandatory resin coding of plastic containers as of Jan. 1, 1992, using the SPI voluntary system.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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