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Oregon escape plan.

AFTER THE LONG, GRUELING SUMMERS in which pro skateboarders are subject to strenuous and demanding tour vacations, some plain old get-away trips with friends are in order! These trips are strategically planned for maximum enjoyment and relaxation, which is needed by skaters, photographers and videographers suffering from what we like to call Post Tour Depression (PTD). In this case, a trip to Oregon was organized for my fellow comrades and me, in order for our swift rehabilitation to commence.

Location and crew are key elements which play an important part in this operation, much like the process of recovery for people who have suffered nervous breakdowns. The people involved must be familiar with the same torment and anguish you have been subject to, and must have a great sense of humor. We all know a good laugh can make anything better. And last but not least, the destination must be of a friendly atmosphere, putting everyone at ease after the first trek of the long journey. So if you ever feel like you could be coming down with a ease of PTD, just follow these basic guidelines and make sure you have fun, which is why we all started skateboarding in the first place.

Post Tour Depression Session

THE PRIME PTD SUFFERERS chosen for this trip were John Rattray. Erik Ellington. Mark Appleyard, Chad Battle, Mike Burnett (the photographer), Lee Dupont (videographer), myself, and Alexander Parker, who was too young to suffer from PTD but was brought on the trip anyway as the subject of verbal abuse for stress relief (which can be very therapeutic). On the morning of October 16th I collected the rental van, picked up Bartie, Rattray, Burnett and Lee Dog, met Appleyard in Huntington with his car, and then met Ellington and Alex in L.A. We then, finally, made our way north. Our first stop was the Bakersfield skatepark, an awkward looking place but fun all the same, Apples decided to kick-start the trip off with huge kickflip melons over the spine whilst dodging local BMXers (wankers), who had no idea that they were completely in the way! After dark we checked out a local Hubba ledge, where Bartie and Apples got busy, Then we were off to Fresno, where we checked into a hotel for the night. In the morning it was straight to the infamous Vagabond pool. an amazingly perfect right-hand kidney found at a run-down old hotel with a hunch of skater-built concrete obstacles all around the outside. I've been waiting to skate this thing for quite some time, and it was well worth the wait. Ryan Johnson showed up and took us to some school where he did the gnarliest drop off a roof to a chest-high flatbar, then ollied out of his 50-50 into a huge bank (check the sequence)! That night we drove 'til we hit Sacramento, checked in, and relaxed at the bar for a little R-and-R before we went to bed (doctor's orders).


WE MET UP WITH BIEBEL at the UC Davis rails in the morning where Apples busted a nutter move that I can't tell you about, and for the rest of the day we milled around Sacto spots. We decided to have a mellow one that night, and hit SF the next day The first spot was Berkeley skatepark for a bit of a warm up, and then to some fountain gap that Ellington wanted to backside flip. We decided to get a little sushi and some beverages that night, and already I could tell our morale was on the up! By morning I had lost my bank card and come down with a slamming headache that Lee Dawg had also accrued. Our last day in SF brought us by the Thrasher headquarters, and then the 3rd and Army Street ledges. Unfortunately, San Francisco was Appleyard, Ellington and Alex's last stop, so we said our good-byes and continued on our trek that was now to be more skatepark-oriented.

Prescription: Oregon

KLAMATH FALLS was the first of the gnarly northern parks we skated, and probably my favorite, Lots of bowls and plenty of concrete coping to grind--you can definitely spend a full day skating this place and not get bored. We drove through the night 'til we arrived in Portland, where we'd be based over the weekend. The first day we skated Newburg (which isn't a bad park hut they make you wear a helmet) and then Donald, a replica pool and concrete mini-ramp with a speed bump and extensions. This place is always fun, but I was having a rough time frontside carving the shallow end stairs, which everyone found hilarious. That night we got some steaks at a place with a great view and checked out some of the Portland nightlife.

We were definitely well on our way to a full recovery. Next day Lee Dog flew out, and our friends Oly and Wade flew in. These two are definitely a funny combo; Oly being a sixth-grade teacher and Wade being a five-foot professional party animal (aka Frank The Tank). West Linn was our venture for the day, and Wade wasted no time frontside airing to knee slide with no pads in the big bowl. He seemed to have it every time pain-free, something anyone else would find excruciating. Or maybe it was just the 12-pack of Pabst he had polished off within the time we were there.

Gooney Gap

DAY THREE OF OREGON we hit Lincoln City where I was too under the weather to do anything thanks to Oly and Wade dragging me out the night before. A local guy named Junior showed up and was killing it with upside-down frontside carves in the cradle to backside air over the spine, which Wade and I both missed 'cause we had taken the van to look for hangover food. We finished up at Lincoln City and drove the night to Astoria, home to the last skatepark we'd visit in Oregon. In the morning we checked out some local sights including the famous Goonies house, then spent the rest of the afternoon at the park where Bartie ollied a huge transfer gap.

The Miracle Cure

ON THE DRIVE BACK to San Diego we decide to stop off at Klamath Falls again and maybe skate the pool we had heard about last lime we were there. We drove most of the night, checking into Klamath in the early hours of the morning. Finally getting going by lunch time the next day, we found the pool at another hotel down the street. We spoke to the manager who was pretty cool and we convinced him to let us skate. This pool was pretty sick, with a round, bowled deep end and a squared shallow end that had a nice whippy corner. We skated the pool for a couple hours and then took it back to the skatepark for the avo (afternoon), before making our two-day drive home.

All in all the trip was a success. We had skated some sick shit. had lots of laughs, and remembered what the true essence of a skate trip is all about! Thanks to all who made the trip happen--we've arrived home completely cured.
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Author:Mumford, Matt
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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