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Oregon brewers set for annual beer festival in Portland.

Oregon brewers set for annual beer festival in Portland

The Oregon Brewers Festival 1991, scheduled for July 19-21, will host the nation's largest gathering of independent brewers at Portland's Waterfront Park.

In what has been described as "the beer purist's festival," 45 microbrewers will offer specially-brewed ales, lagers and stouts for the 20,000 beer enthusiasts expected to attend this now-annual event.

In its fourth year, Oregon Brewers Festival, which is sponsored by the Oregon Brewers Assn., has demonstrated success in blending education and appreciation for the art of brewing with the enjoyment of tasting and evaluating beer.

"An event of this scope would be impossible in England," observed Mark Savage, a British beer critic and wine merchant. "People here seem so responsible and truly interested."

In addition to the fresh microbrews, food and music, exhibits will focus on hop and barley agriculture, malting homebrewing and the historical and cultural contributions of beer.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 13, 1991
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