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Ordering timing poster, smart card.


Every M2 machine gunner needs to know exactly how to time and headspace his weapon. Mistakes can be deadly.

To help educate gunners, units can order both a headspace and timing poster and a smart card that fits in a pocket. Here's how:


* Have your unit pubs clerk order the poster from: ptclick/index.aspx

* Click on Search

* Under Quick Search, use the drop down menu to search by "Short Title"

* Under "search for", type in "M2 Headspace"

* Click on Search

* "DA Poster 750-98" will appear

* Click on Available

* Log in

* Verify your address

* Click on Subscribe

* Enter quantity needed

* Click on Add to Selection

* Verify order and log out

Smart Card

* Go to

* Click on the Reimer Digital Library

* Under Type, select "Graphic Training Aids"

* Under School, select "Any"

* Under Keyword, type in "09-06-045" and click on Submit

* Click on GTA 09-06-045, 31 Aug 2007

* Scroll down to the bottom of the web page and click on Training Audiovisual Support (TASC)

* Select your training support center and request the GTA through the center's POC
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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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