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Orchestria Launches Legal Hold Solution to Cut Cost, Time and Risk from Litigation Process.

Orchestria Legal Hold Empowers General Counsel to Gain Control of the Litigation Process by Automating Legal Hold Notices, Accurately Segregating Electronically Stored Information, and Providing Powerful and Unique Case Discussion Prevention Capabilities

NEW YORK -- Orchestria, a leader in Electronic Communication Control, today announced the general availability of Orchestria Legal Hold(TM), a solution that significantly eases the operational burden of managing the legal hold process for corporate legal teams, particularly in light of recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).

The Orchestria solution provides corporate legal counsel with three primary benefits:

Automated management of Legal Hold Notices: Orchestria Legal Hold enables legal counsel to notify relevant custodians of a hold by means of an automatic electronic notification displayed on each custodian's computer screen. Custodians click an icon to indicate their agreement to the hold. An associated workflow prompts legal counsel to follow-up with any custodian who has not agreed to the hold.

Segregated Repository for Messages Subject to Legal Hold: Orchestria's proven and unique, policy-based approach enables historical and current electronic communication - including e-mail, instant messages, web transactions and communication sent from handheld devices - to be categorized and tagged according to their relevance to specific corporate policy. Using the same principle, Orchestria Legal Hold analyzes and tags archived communication for their relevance to specific legal cases. Orchestria's policy-based culling process ensures only relevant communication are segregated into a secure Legal Hold Repository where they are preserved for targeted review and production to outside counsel.

Case discussion prevention: Orchestria Legal Hold leverages its award-winning real-time prevention solution to provide robust, organization-wide case discussion prevention. Once a legal hold has been placed, the solution analyzes all electronic communication created by custodians before they are sent. It uses sophisticated matching techniques to determine whether a message includes case-relevant information, either in its content or its context. Case-relevant messages are blocked before they are sent, and further action - such as forwarding the message to legal counsel for review - can be automatically taken depending on the customer's configuration of the solution.

"Orchestria Legal Hold represents a truly advanced approach that eliminates much of the pain and distraction caused by litigation at a time when the overall volume and scrutiny of electronic communication is increasing exponentially," said Deborah Johnson, vice president of discovery and litigation solutions, Orchestria. "It also gives legal counsel full and defensible control of the entire process, from initial notification of a hold through the identification and production of case-relevant documentation, to ensuring that no further case-relevant discussion takes place via electronic communication once a hold has been put in place."

"Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will keep electronic discovery at the forefront of general counsel and IT departments' minds and budgets for the foreseeable future," according to Zeus Kerravala, SVP of Enterprise Research at Yankee Group. "In fact, these amendments should serve as a catalyst for many executives, including general counsel, to sponsor IT initiatives that can facilitate the identification and location of all enterprise data."

Availability and Further Information

Orchestria Legal Hold is available now. Orchestria vice president of discovery and litigation solutions, Deborah Johnson, will demonstrate the solution in a webcast scheduled for February 8th at 2pm EST. Visit to register.

About The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure ( govern court procedures for civil suits brought in U.S. district courts. The amendments to the rules are intended to provide greater clarity to litigants as they engage in the process of producing and sharing information prior to and during legal proceedings. These amendments govern whether and how electronic communication, including e-mail and IM conversations, are stored or destroyed during and following legal process.

About Orchestria

Orchestria enables companies to control electronic communication to defend against confidential data leakage, enforce regulatory compliance, protect intellectual property, adhere to critical financial and legal controls, and to ensure appropriate employee behavior. Orchestria adds controls to the use of electronic communication, such as e-mail, instant messages, web transactions and mobile devices, and is used by Fortune 500 companies to implement and maintain good messaging governance. More than 100 customers in 33 countries rely on Orchestria to enable them to benefit from the speed and flexibility of electronic communication without exposing themselves to the risk of uncontrolled interactions. Orchestria's approach works in real-time, and is unique in its ability to analyze all common electronic communication channels to determine their context and content with unparalleled accuracy, and to discern the user's intent. It prevents inappropriate communication from ever being sent, ensuring they are not archived for later discovery. Orchestria also guides and advises end-users while preserving workflow. It is integrated with solutions from leading archive vendors, including Symantec, ZANTAZ, IBM and Iron Mountain Digital. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in New York. More details can be found at

Orchestria Legal Hold is a registered trademark of Orchestria Corporation. Real-Time Prevention, Intelligent Review, Smart Tagging and iConsole are trademarks of Orchestria Corporation. All other trade or service marks mentioned in this document should be considered the property of their respective owners.
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Date:Jan 17, 2007
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