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These new leisure reads stand out from the crowd, offering unusual topics and compelling stories. Jose-Luis Orozco and David Diaz's Rin, Rin, Rin Do, Re, Mi (0439649412, $16.95) provides a bilingual Spanish/English picturebook story of lyrics by a songwriter. A child asks his family to sing to me, count with me, say words to me--all the basics of literacy. Artist David Diaz takes the boy through a lively day of learning in a fine outreach program for Spanish speakers. Jason Alexander's Dad, Are You The Tooth Fairy? (0439-667453, $16.95) tells of a youngster who overhears peers saying the tooth fairy is just make-believe--and he goes to his father to learn the truth. Gabby's father spins a wild tale--but does it really answer the question? Ron Spears provides a lovely set of whimsical illustrations to embellish the realistic dilemma of a father put on the spot. Margery Cuyler's The Bumpy Little Pumpkin (0439528356, $15.95) receives Will Hillenbrand's warm drawings as it tells of a little pumpkin which is perfect for Halloween--bumpy and just right. But bossy big sisters tell Nell it's too small and ugly to make a good jack-o-lantern. Bright, beautiful pumpkin drawings illustrate a vivid picturebook. Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen's Ms. Frizzle's Adventures: Imperial China (0590108220, $16.95) comes from the creators of the Magic School Bus and tells of Chinese New Year celebrations. Ms. Frizzle dives under a dancing Chinatown parade dragon--and moves into China one thousand years ago. Learning becomes an adventure much like the Magic School bus in this whimsical new saga. Tedd Arnold's Hi! Fly Guy (0439639034, $5.99) is a fun easy reader telling of a boy who gets a pet fly. The fly can even say his name--Buzz--and a hilarious Amazing Pet Show contender is born. Carmela and Steven D'Amico's Ella Takes The Cake (04396-2794X, $16.99) tells of a too-little elephant who wants to be a big help to her mother. If she's too small to even slice cakes, how can she do anything important to help her mother in the bakery Simple, whimsical drawings chart Ella's efforts. Edward Lear's A Was Once An Apple Pie (0439660564, $12.99) receives Suse MacDonald's engaging drawings as it provides Lear's classics ABC primer. Hand-painted, cut-paper illustrations provide bright, simple large drawings. Lisa Desimini's Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet! (0439233232, $16.95) arrived too late for more timely Halloween mention but deserves year-round consideration as a fun story of the ultimate secret ingredient for the witches' wicked Halloween brew to be sure NOBODY gets the candy. A fun twist sends the evil plans awry. Jane Yolen and Mark Teague's How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? (0439241022, $15.99) packs humor into the story of table manners for dinosaurs. A very simple rhyme follows the dinosaurs' questionable table habits--which are a lot like those of small children. Barbara Reid's THE Subway Mouse (0439728274, $15.95) tells of a little mouse who lives in a subway station. By day trains thunder past, at night they tell stories about the mythical Tunnel's End, where the sky is blue but the world is filled with danger. Nib's quest to find Tunnel's End results in a new discovery and adventure. Math Potatoes: Mind-stretching Brain Food by Greg Tang (0439443903, $16.95) receives Harry Briggs' fun drawings as it pairs riddles with math, following up on his bestselling Grapes Of Math and his sequel Math Appeal. The riddles will appeal to many non-math youngsters. Jan Ormerod's When An Elephant Comes To School (0439739675, $16.95) tells of an elephant's first day at school. He's nervous about meeting new classmates--but they show him the routine and soon he's participating with great gusto. Cornelia Funke's Pirate Girl (0439716721, $15.95) receives Kerstin Meyer's fun drawings as it tells of a fierce sea captain and his band of pirates who meet their match in a kidnapped girl. Molly is small and unafraid of the pirates--and is much smarter than them. Can SHE be the fiercest of them all? A fun story with unexpected twists.
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Title Annotation:Rin, Rin, Rin Do, Re, Mi; Dad, Are You the Tooth Fairy?; The Bumpy Little Pumpkin; Ms. Frizzle's Adventures: Imperial China; Hi! Fly Guy; Ella Takes the Cake; A Was Once an Apple Pie; Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!; How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?; The Subway Mouse; Math Potatoes: Mind-stretching Brain Food; When an Elephant Comes to School; Pirate Girl
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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