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Orange mob in air rage terror.

A GANG OF 50 drunken loyalists was escorted off a plane at the weekend after terrorising the other passengers.

Police were called to Glasgow Airport on Saturday night to meet the easyJet flight from Belfast.

The gang, who are believed to have been at an Orange march in Ulster, spent the flight singing sectarian songs and banging seats and the floor.

At the airport, the other 70 passengers were ushered off the aircraft before police boarded the jet to caution the yobs.

Officers confirmed that a number of passengers were warned about their behaviour and one was reported to the procurator fiscal.

Witnesses said the Orangemen had staggered up and down the aisle hurling abuse at staff and passengers while singing loyalist songs.

As cabin crew tried to calm them down, they began singing even louder, banging on windows and stamping their feet in defiance.

The crew were finally forced to alert the police, who were waiting on the tarmac as the Boeing737toucheddown.

One passenger said: ``It was an absolute nightmare.

``The more the air stewards tried to calm them down, the louder they sang and the more abusive they became.

``They were totally out of control and were banging on windows and doors and stamping their feet.

``They were well fuelled up on drink before they got on the plane because there was an hour delay at Belfast.

``Their manner was extremely threatening and everyone was scared to speak or even move.''
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 8, 2003
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