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MAPPING LIFE STORIES OF EXILED LATVIANS. Garda-Rozenberga, Ieva Report Jun 1, 2019 5710
Gender and National Identity in Memories of the Late 20th-century Soviet Theater in Kyrgyzstan. Igmen, Ali Report Mar 22, 2019 10168
What to Name the Children? Oral Histories of Ethnically Mixed Families in Soviet Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Edgar, Adrienne L. Report Mar 22, 2019 9713
Nationalists with no nation: oral history, ZANU(PF) and the meanings of Rhodesian student activism in Zimbabwe. Hodgkinson, Dan Report Mar 1, 2019 11393
PARTNERING TO PRESERVE OUR HIGH SCHOOLS HERITAGE. Valentino-Barry, Carol; Barnas, Joseph; Diguido, Barbara; Bullen, Andrew Nov 1, 2018 2313
The Bounded Embodiment of Fandom in China: Recovering Shifting Media Experiences and Fan Participation Through an Oral History of Animation-Comics-Games Lovers. Yiyi, Yin; Zhuoxiao, Xie Report Aug 1, 2018 8567
MANIFEST DESTINY IN MY CORNER OF THE WEST. Emel-Powell, Kay Recommended readings Jul 1, 2018 685
Varones in the Archive: A Queer Oral History Analysis with Two Black Puerto Rican Gay Men. Vinales, Andrew Interview Jun 22, 2018 9180
Uncle Jeff's Cabin. Gilbreath, Aaron Essay Mar 22, 2018 8477
Artifacts Spark Stories: Archaeology and Oral History at Stanford's Arboretum Chinese Quarters. Lowman, Christopher B. Report Jan 1, 2018 6662
IRB IS NOT REQUIRED: A Reflection on Oral History, Disability, and Playing by the Rules When the Rules Get in the Wa. Smith, Cristy Sellers Column Jan 1, 2018 2206
Silences et construction sociale du recit historique chez les Boni de la Guyane Francaise. Moomou, Jean Jan 1, 2017 8364
'My country, the land where my blood is spilled': oral history of Chinese-language media professionals in Malaysia. Mei, Wu; Lin, Ye Report Apr 1, 2016 9025
'Improbable Life'. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 295
A space for memory. Charman, Karen Nov 1, 2015 5447
Women Writing for Other Women in Colombia's Current Armed Conflict. Andrade, Maria Mercedes Critical essay Sep 1, 2015 6608
Transnationalizing home in Winnipeg: refugees' stories of the places between the "here-and-there". Freund, Alexander Report Mar 22, 2015 12551
A majority of one: a summary and analysis of an oral history of Colonel Denise K. Vowell (retired), United States Army, 1973-2006. Smawley, George R. Jan 1, 2015 20156
Oral interview. Brief article Jul 3, 2014 128
Intangible culture on inland seas, from Hudson Bay to Canadian Heritage. Brown, Jennifer S.H. Essay Mar 22, 2014 7726
Duvakin's oral history and Bakhtin in his own voice. Gratchev, Slav N.; Gyulamiryan, Tatevik Essay Mar 1, 2014 5466
A systematic use of oral histories to promote historical thinking: historical thinking and the Iraq war. Brown, Sarah Drake Sep 22, 2013 3674
"Well I don't care about history": oral history and the making of collective memory in punk rock. Turrini, Joseph M. Essay Aug 31, 2013 9977
White teachers/white schools: oral histories from the struggle against apartheid. Wieder, Alan Report Mar 22, 2013 5534
Crafting history: oral history projects, experiential learning, and a meditation on teaching and learning. White, George, Jr. Report Mar 22, 2013 6867
Unheard voices in the community building process: the role of poor Black women in the U.S. during the mid-20th century. Hinton, Dawn Report Jan 1, 2013 7249
Ethnic conflict and forced displacement: narratives of Azeri IDP and refugee women from the Nagorno-Karabakh War. Najafizadeh, Mehrangiz Report Jan 1, 2013 10957
Communications students collaborate on oral history. Grier, Tom Jan 1, 2013 880
Nostalgia in oral histories of Israeli women. Zilberman, Yael Essay Dec 1, 2012 6473
Oral history and people's memory of the Malayan Emergency (1948-60): the case of Pulai. Tan, Teng Phee Report Apr 1, 2012 12724
Dance performance: giving voice to the community. Ferro, Simone; Watts, Meredith W. Report Mar 22, 2012 7629
Members share their service stories. Bryant, Ashleigh Brief article Mar 1, 2012 309
Shadows of the plantation? A social history of Suriname's bauxite town Moengo. de Koning, Anouk Report Dec 22, 2011 13777
Author revisits voices of US nuns. Hughes, Mary Sep 30, 2011 768
Bringing history to the library: university-community engagement in the academic library. Cho, Alan May 1, 2011 1962
Speaking of music and the counterpoint of copyright: addressing legal concerns in making oral history available to the public. Beck, Jeremy J.; Van Cleve, Libby Mar 1, 2011 3797
Oral sources for religious history. Fay, Terence; Vonk, Nichole; Griffith, Gwyn Report Jan 1, 2011 6292
Reflections on gender and memory: personal experiences of women of the WAAAF during the second world war. Lowe, Bronwyn Essay Jan 1, 2011 6126
"Work makes life sweet": Germans from Russia remember their childhood. Clark, Jessica Dec 22, 2010 8768
GVSU records oral histories of female baseball players. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 292
Ten Illinois oral history projects waiting to be assigned. Ratliff, Lindon Joey Essay Apr 1, 2010 4080
Saving a tribal language: cultural knowledge may disappear with dwindling native populations. Jan 1, 2010 324
Afterword: investigating disparities: the North Brooklyn Latino Oral History Project. Beck, Sam Nov 1, 2009 734
Banff stories. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 226
Fiction in the era of globalization: challenges and implications for educational reform in Nigeria. Olowonmi, Jamiu Adekunle; Olayiwola, Abiodun Adewale; Falade, Michael Olukayode Report Mar 15, 2009 7492
Hearing voices: ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, in their own words. Vernon, Richard Feb 1, 2009 1023
Number in the Tolai culture. Paraide, Patricia Report Nov 1, 2008 3565
Timeless projects: remembering and voice in the history of education. Stephenson, Maxine Report Jul 1, 2008 7290
Immigration officers tell their stories in a new oral history project. Peterson, Ellen Brief article Jun 1, 2008 263
Talking to history: Laurence Rees, whose work as a TV historian has brought him face to face with many people involved in mass killings, discusses the opportunities and dangers of oral history. Rees, Laurence Sep 1, 2007 1633
Oral history interviewers' seminar. Dahlitz, Dianne Aug 1, 2007 651
Listen up: studying the American Labor Movement through oral histories. Bolick, Cheryl Mason; Norberg, Lisa; Durbin, Dayna Apr 1, 2007 3774
Oral history workshop. Yung, Judy Jan 1, 2007 479
The other uses of oral history. Baum, Willa Jan 1, 2007 4018
My significant mentor. Hughes, Sally Smith In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 472
The best job in the world. Swent, Eleanor In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 893
Four paradigm transformations in oral history (1). Thomson, Alistair Jan 1, 2007 8719
"If I see some of this in writing, I'm going to shoot you": reluctant narrators, taboo topics, and the ethical dilemmas of the oral historian. K'Meyer, Tracy E.; Crothers, A. Glenn Jan 1, 2007 8616
Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky Oral History Project Digital Media Database, Kentucky Oral History Commission. Larson, Mary A. Website overview Jan 1, 2007 973
Finding our place: reconstructing community through oral history. Villarreal, Mary Ann Jun 22, 2006 7579
Pondering priorities: reflections on the careers of three francophone women teachers in Ontario (1). Majhanovich, Suzanne Mar 22, 2006 9030
"Beyond Leisure Studies: A Labour History of Male to Female Transsexual and Transvestite Artists in Montreal, 1955-1985.". Brief article Mar 22, 2006 137
Green hair, gray hair: what do you get when you mix punk rockers with senior citizens? Kennel-Shank, Celeste Mar 1, 2006 1321
The matrix of eating disorder vulnerability: oral history and the link between personal and social problems. Leavy, Patricia; Ross, Lauren Sardi Jan 1, 2006 6310
Oral history, identity, and the Italian women's movement in the future of the contemporary past. Pojmann, Wendy Essay Nov 15, 2005 5984
Talking about remembering and forgetfulness in oral history interviews. Norrick, Neal R. Jun 22, 2005 7952
Ask and tell: gay veterans, identity, and oral history on a civil rights frontier. Estes, Steve Jun 22, 2005 10618
The challenge and promise of producing oral history-based biographies. Brief article Jun 22, 2005 244
Secrets, lies, and misremembering: take II. Polishuk, Sandy Jun 22, 2005 2537
When subjects talk back: writing Anne Braden's life-in-progress. Fosl, Catherine Biography Jun 22, 2005 3508
Negotiating voices: biography and the curious triangle between subject, author, and editor. Gershenowitz, Deborah A. Jun 22, 2005 2250
Pushing boundaries in oral history-based biographies. Nasstrom, Kathryn L. Jun 22, 2005 1753
Response to commentary. Polishuk, Sandy Jun 22, 2005 1663
The oral historian as memorist. Hamilton, Paula Jan 1, 2005 2835
Kissing cousins: journalism and oral history. Feldstein, Mark Critical Essay Dec 22, 2004 8104
Blended voices: crafting a narrative from oral history interviews. Jones, Rebecca Critical Essay Dec 22, 2004 7214
Exploring personal history: a case study of an Italian immigrant woman. Scuro, Jennifer Dec 22, 2004 9994
Oroitzapenak Memories: Basque Oral History Project. Reeves, Troy Dec 22, 2004 1152
Scope to speak for themselves: Catherine Allen describes a new oral history project that aims to create an archive charting the experiences of disabled people throughout the twentieth century. Allen, Catherine Critical Essay Oct 1, 2004 595
Capturing history. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 113
"It tears the heart right out of you": memories of striker replacement at International Paper Company in De Pere, Wisconsin, 1987-88. Minchin, Timothy J. Interview Jun 22, 2004 11086
Gaining access and sharing authority: what I learned about oral history from an episode in U.S.-China transnationalism. Wheeler, Norton Jun 22, 2004 5966
Going back on our footprints. Davenport, Sue Sep 22, 2003 2097
"He didn't have no cross": Tombs and Graves as racial boundary tactics on a Louisiana Barrier Island. Yanner, Keith M.; Ybarrola, Steven J. Jun 22, 2003 9913
An international oral history collaboration: from book to film and from author to subject. Palevsky, Mary Jun 22, 2003 826
The embers of Hiroshima: from author to subject in a transnational oral history collaboration. Palevsky, Mary Jun 22, 2003 8201
From Atomic Fragments to Memories of the Trinity Bomb: a bridge of oral history over the pacific. Yoshida, Kayoko Jun 22, 2003 5645
Oral history in the federal government. Ritchie, Donald A. Jun 22, 2003 700
The status of oral history in the Army: expanding a tradition. Lofgren, Stephen J. Jun 22, 2003 5817
Documenting Cultural and Historical Memory: Oral History in the National Park Service. McDonnell, Janet A. Jun 22, 2003 3762
"We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming": NASA, oral history, and the contemporary past. Launius, Roger D. Jun 22, 2003 5606
Promoting, social science inquiry, with database technology. (Advancing Technology). Cantor, James; Desberg, Peter; Hembacher, Diane; Mach, Nada Apr 1, 2003 4021
Working-Class Public History in the Context of Deindustrialization: Dilemmas of Authority and the Possibilities of Dialogue (1). (Presentation/Presentation). Frisch, Michael Mar 22, 2003 5607
Collecting stories about strip-mining: using oral history in the classroom. Kerrigan, William Mar 22, 2003 3103
Editor's introduction. Editorial Jan 1, 2003 643
Shame, guilt, and anguish in Holocaust survivor testimony. Nutkiewicz, Michael Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 8022
Sharing authority: oral history and the collaborative process: introduction. Thomson, Alistair Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 1134
"We know what the problem is": using oral history to develop a collaborative analysis of homelessness from the bottom up. Kerr, Daniel Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 6232
Collaborating with sex workers in oral history. Rickard, Wendy Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 4608
Collaborative oral history in a correctional setting: promise and pitfalls. Rouverol, Alicia J. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 9507
A shared authority: an impossible goal? Sitzia, Lorraine Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 5117
Sharing authority. (Commentary). Shopes, Linda Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 2825
Sharing authority: oral history and the collaborative process. (Commentary). Frisch, Michael Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 1057
Narrating cultural citizenship: oral histories of first-generation college students of Mexican origin. Benmayor, Rina Dec 22, 2002 11712
Digital technologies and pedagogies. Weis, Tracey M.; Benmayor, Rina; O'Leary, Cecilia; Eynon, Bret Dec 22, 2002 6919
Pot Luck in the Muck in Florida Glades. Turner, Laura Brief Article Nov 4, 2002 128
Telling community stories: although this mural experience focused on New York City stories, the process can be adapted to any locale. Osborn, Terry A. Oct 1, 2002 1135
Veterans share histories with Library of Congress: the Veterans History Project hopes to chronicle the experiences of American veterans into a searchable collection of oral histories, letters, diaries and photographs. Hanson, Shannon Aug 1, 2002 1459
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives. Boyer, Sarah S. Jun 22, 2002 610
The Burnette Bugle. Burnette, Georgia Jun 22, 2002 1202
Oral history and the professor: an academic epiphany. Carlton, Patrick W. Jun 22, 2002 918
Senator Fong and my start in oral history. Chou, Michaelyn P. Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 297
Narrative and experience: illness in the context of an ethnographic interview. Crivos, Marta Jun 22, 2002 908
My oral history roots. Davis, Julie Jun 22, 2002 1062
I just wanted a Tuesday-Thursday class schedule; what I got changed my life. Dean, Pamela Jun 22, 2002 683
A wise choice. Embry, Jessie Jun 22, 2002 869
Never underestimate the power of a bus: my journey to oral history. Freedman, Jean R. Jun 22, 2002 927
Hooked on oral history. Geary, Marilyn L. Jun 22, 2002 1261
The painting that became an oral history. Lawson, Mary Sterner Jun 22, 2002 3492
Each of us sees history through our own eyes. Lewin, Rhoda Jun 22, 2002 1429
Just asking: capturing memories as a child, student, and historian. Lim, Jason Jun 22, 2002 1058
Asking personal questions. Morris, Gabrielle Jun 22, 2002 901
Remembrance of things past: service learning opportunities in U.S. history. Nystrom, Elsa A. Jun 22, 2002 3288
Questioning history: personal inquiry and public dialogue. Palevsky, Mary Jun 22, 2002 1549
At history's knee. Porter, Kimberly K. Jun 22, 2002 979
I bless the day. Prince, Vida G. Jun 22, 2002 875
Bertold Brecht, public housing, and oral history. Purdy, Sean Jun 22, 2002 1082
My community, my history, my practice. Roque Ramirez, Horacio N. Jun 22, 2002 1621
Beginnings in oral history: or how one man and two women helped give birth to an oral historian. Reeves, Troy Jun 22, 2002 884
Reconstructing a community with oral history. Richardson, Darlene Jun 22, 2002 1872
Back doors. Riegle, Rosalie G. Jun 22, 2002 884
Listening to dreams and stories. Robinette, Jane E. Jun 22, 2002 1283
Oral history journey. Rothenberg, Susan Gluck Jun 22, 2002 1434
From the trapline to the library: Alaskan oral history origins. Russell, Robyn Jun 22, 2002 430
From childhood storytelling to oral history interviews. Tranguyen, Trangdai Jun 22, 2002 3131
Oral history beginnings. White, Ethel S. Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 284
Genesis of the Inter-American Affairs Collection. Williams, James D. Jun 22, 2002 482
An interview with Enid Douglass. Larson, Mary A. Interview Jun 22, 2002 7236
Project explores contributions of black journalists. (EduNet: Internet * web * online content and services). Brief Article May 1, 2002 150
Celtic myths: Celtic history? Simon Young reveals the limitations of oral legends as historical sources. (Cross Current). Young, Simon Apr 1, 2002 2454
Reflections of the Vietnam War through Oral Histories. (History). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 206
Archdiocese to gather women's oral history. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Feb 22, 2002 197
Capturing History - Listening to Oral Narratives in Yemen. Stevenson, Thomas B. Jan 1, 2002 3235
Oral history, autobiographies and spoken word make literary listening easy. (audio). Roby, Cynthia A. Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 482
The WPA slave narratives: teaching with oral histories. Horton, Paul Jan 1, 2002 3580
"Not communists exactly, but sort of like non-believers": the hidden radical transcript of Slovak immigrants in Philadelphia, 1890-1954. Zecker, Robert M. Jan 1, 2002 13603
Different assignments, different perspectives: how reporters reconstruct the Emmett Till civil rights murder trial. Tisdale, John R. Jan 1, 2002 7402
Qualifying the quantifying: assessing the quality of life of lung transplant recipients. Festle, Mary Jo Jan 1, 2002 11053
The guerrilla journalist as oral historian: an interview with Louis "Studs" Terkel. de Graaf, John; Stein, Alan Harris Interview Jan 1, 2002 8091
Latina Women Speak. HUERTA, GRACE C.; FLEMMER, LESLIE A. Sep 1, 2001 5080
Oral history and migrant wage labor: sources of narrative distortion. Anderson, Warren D. Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 7481
Three lives of Saodat: Communist, Uzbek, survivor. Kamp, Marianne R. Jun 22, 2001 14280
"We got the best of that world": a case for the study of nostalgia in the oral history of school segregation. (1). Shircliffe, Barbara Jun 22, 2001 9248
"Fighting with our tongues": the politics of genre in aboriginal oral histories. Pugliese, Joseph Jun 22, 2001 5689
Doing REAL History: Citing Your Mother in Your Research Paper. LIBRESCO, ANDREA S. Jan 1, 2001 2595
WANDERING BEHIND: TALKING ABOUT PEARL HARBOR. Ferri, Daniel J. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 777
Oral History Research: Internet Resources and Reports. Hill, Margaret Jan 1, 2001 1932
A World War II Oral History Project for Eighth Graders. Jan 1, 2001 1911
Togetherness and Isolation: Holocaust Survivor Memories of Intimacy and Sexuality in the Ghettos. Friedman, Jonathan Jan 1, 2001 6684
"I'm a Keeper of Information": History-Telling and Voice. Williams, Rhonda Y. Jan 1, 2001 9758
For the Record: Editing and the Production of Meaning in Oral History. Wilmsen, Carl Jan 1, 2001 8241
Crossing Cultures: An Interview with Alessandro Portelli. Brinson, Betsy Interview Jan 1, 2001 10631
Tradition orale et les savoirs artisanaux. Genest, Bernard Jan 1, 2001 8756
Dayak Kings, Malay sultans, oral histories, and colonial archives: a comment on Djuweng (1999) and Sellato (1999). (Research Notes). Smith, F. Andrew Jan 1, 2001 4340
"Not the same story": Conducting interviews with queer community activists (1). Owen, Michelle K. Sep 22, 2000 5920
Understanding domestic service through oral history and the census: The case of Grand Falls, Newfoundland. Batting, Ingrid Sep 22, 2000 10039
Culling the Men Out from the Boys: Concepts of Success in the Recollections of a Southern Farmer. Walker, Melissa Jun 22, 2000 8004
Oralized History: History Teachers as Oral History Tellers. Hamer, Lynne Jun 22, 2000 7977
Observational Reporting as Oral History: How Journalists Interpreted the Death and Destruction of Hurricane Audrey. Tisdale, John R. Jun 22, 2000 8781
Navigating Life Review Interviews with Survivors of Trauma. Klempner, Mark Jun 22, 2000 6470
At the Western Development Museum: Ethnic Identity and the Memory of the Holocaust in the Jewish Community of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Hollenberg, Donna Krolik Jun 22, 2000 16305
Recognizing Racial Privilege: White Girls and Boys at National Conference of Christians and Jews Summer Camps, 1957-1974. Palmer, Phyllis Jun 22, 2000 10181
An Interview with Elizabeth Mason. Polsky, Richard Interview Jun 22, 2000 9189
Between Witness and Testimony: Survivor Narratives and the Shoah. Bernard-Donals, Michael; Glejzer, Richard Mar 22, 2000 9041
Mountain Rebels : Nanny of the Maroons. Olsen, Eric P. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 358
Private Memory, Public Records, and Contested Terrain: Weighing Oral Testimony in the Deportation of Germans from Latin America During World War II. Friedman, Max Paul Jan 1, 2000 5231
"You Said the Words You Wanted Me to Hear But I Heard The Words You Couldn't Bring Yourself To Say": Women's First Person Accounts of the Holocaust. Baumel, Judith Tydor Jan 1, 2000 15297
Remembering Ah Quin: A Century of Social Memory in a Chinese American Family. Chen, Yong Biography Jan 1, 2000 9395
Gender and Economic Decline: The Pennsylvania Anthracite Region, 1920-1970. Dublin, Thomas; Licht, Walter Jan 1, 2000 6496
Oral History, Memory, and the Hallways of Academe: Tenure Decisions and Other Job Skirmishes. Morrissey, Charles T. Jan 1, 2000 6830
THE WHOLE WORLD WAS WATCHING: AN ORAL HISTORY OF 1968. Lucas, Brad E. Jan 1, 2000 1607
Echos du passe: recueil d'histoires orales. Book Review Jan 1, 2000 907
Folktales of Newfoundland: the resilience of the oral tradition. Book Review Jan 1, 2000 2095
Oral History in China: Contemporary Topics and New Hurdles. Liwen, Yang Jun 22, 1999 3492
Reflections on Oral History in the New Millennium: Roundtable Comments. Gluck, Sherna Berger Jun 22, 1999 9748
Interviews with Robert Bowie: The Use of Oral Testimony in Writing the Biography of Professor Robert Richardson Bowie, Washington Policy Planner and Harvard University Professor. McFadzean, Andrew Biography Jun 22, 1999 6746
The Vietnam War and the Teaching and Writing of Oral History: The Reliability of the Narrator. Prescott, Renate W. Jun 22, 1999 6673
From Oral History to Movie Script: The Vietnam Veteran Interviews for Coming Home. Lembcke, Jerry Interview Jun 22, 1999 8413
An Interview with Samuel Hand: "Reel Life: The Early Years of the OHA/OHR". K'Meyer, Tracy E. Interview Jun 22, 1999 6876
Oral History in Brazil: Development and Challenges. Meihy, Jose Carlos Sebe Bom Jun 22, 1999 3567
Oral History on the Web. Reti, Irene Jun 22, 1999 801
From Denmark to Magrath. Jorgensen, Alma; Morgan, Peter Mar 22, 1999 2950
Identity and Forgetting. Norquay, Naomi Jan 1, 1999 7604
Telling Performances: Jazz History Remembered and Remade by the Women in the Band. Tucker, Sherrie Jan 1, 1999 6819
An Interview With Charles T. Morrissey: Part II "Living Independently: The Oral History Career of Charles T. Morrissey". K'Meyer, Tracy E.; Morrissey, Charles T. Interview Jan 1, 1999 7456
Practice and Pedagogy: Oral History in the Classroom(Practice and Pedagogy: Oral History in the Classroom) Lee, Charles R.; Nasstrom, Kathryn L. Jun 22, 1998 2540
An educational exchange: teaching oral history on the post-secondary level. Fong, Timothy P.; Kahn, Ava F. Panel Discussion Jun 22, 1998 9762
"It's not just common sense": a blueprint for teaching oral history. K'Meyer, Tracy E. Jun 22, 1998 7034
Values and methods in the classroom transformation of oral history. Grele, Ronald J. Jun 22, 1998 4903
Situating stories: the surprising consequences of oral history. Ruiz, Vicki L. Jun 22, 1998 3501
A short reflection on teaching memoir and oral history. O'Brien, Sharon Jun 22, 1998 1921
Beyond the page: nonprint oral history resources for educators. Larson, Mary Jun 22, 1998 2925
Oral history and the social identity of Brazilian women under military rule. Ferreira, Elizabeth F. Xavier Dec 22, 1997 13740
Returning history to the community: oral history in a museum setting. Green, Anna Dec 22, 1997 6566
"Getting started, beginning an oral history career." (An Interview with Charles T. Morrissey, part 1)(Interview) K'Meyer, Tracy E. Interview Dec 22, 1997 8482
"What Koinonia was all about": the role of memory in a changing community. K'Meyer, Tracy E. Jun 22, 1997 8036
"Do I like them too much?": effects of the oral history interview on the interviewer and vice-versa. Yow, Valerie Jun 22, 1997 9910
The struggle for a history without adjectives: a note on using oral sources in Spain. Vilanova, Mercedes Jun 22, 1997 4247
An interview with Willa K. Baum: a career at the Regional Oral History Office. K'Meyer, Tracy E. Interview Jun 22, 1997 8339
How Edgar Tolson made it: oral sources and folk art's success. Ardery, Julia S. Biography Dec 22, 1996 6570
Exploring myths in women's narratives: Italian and German immigrant women in Vancouver, 1947-1961. Freund, Alexander; Quilici, Laura Dec 22, 1996 10221
"I learned things today that I never knew before:" oral history at the kitchen table. DeRoche, Celeste Dec 22, 1996 6854
"Go to college, get a job, and don't leave the house without your brother:" oral histories with immigrant women and their daughters. Hickey, M. Gail Dec 22, 1996 11937
I'll sing 'til the day I die: conversations with Tyendinaga elders. Book Review Sep 1, 1996 745
American Indian history or non-Indian perceptions of American Indian history? Wilson, Angela Cavender Jan 1, 1996 1207
Grandmother to granddaughter: generations of oral history in a Dakota family. Wilson, Angela Cavender Jan 1, 1996 3312
Commonality of difference: American Indian women and history. Mihesuah, Devon A. Jan 1, 1996 6418
Voices, interpretations, and the 'new Indian history': comment on the American Indian Quarterly's special issue on writing about American Indians. Mihesuah, Devon Jan 1, 1996 3404
'Real history' revives Argentina Indians. Rankin, Aidan Jun 1, 1995 1735
Oral histories: the most overlooked public relations tool. Conti, Kris Delaplane Jun 1, 1995 942
"I write in tongues": the supplement of voice in Barbara Chase-Riboud's 'Sally Hemings.' Rushdy, Ashraf H.A. Mar 22, 1994 14744
Theorizing the collaborative self: the dynamics of contour and content in the dictated autobiography. Sanders, Mark A. Mar 22, 1994 6005
Claiming legitimacy: prophecy narratives from northern aboriginal women. Cruikshank, Julie Mar 22, 1994 9769
Remembering women. Revah, Suzan Apr 1, 1993 634
Washington Press Club traces history of women in journalism. Cohen, Karen J. Jun 13, 1992 2507
The evolution of an oral history project. Jones-Randall, Kate Mar 1, 1992 1543

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