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Option valuation of degraded land in favor of the preservation of the Swamp Ramsar site and New Protected Area Lake Alaotra Ambatondrazaka, Alaotra Mangoro, Madagascar.

Project Number: MDG/GEF/OP5/Y3/STAR/LD/13/06

Country: Madagascar

Area Of Work: Land Degradation

Operational Phase: Phase 5

Grant Amount: US$ 47,500.00

Co-Financing cash: US$ 51,795.00

Start Date: 3/2014

End Date: 2/2016

Status: Not active yet

Project Description: OG: Strengthening Local Governance and structures are related to the sustainable development of Lake Alaotra

Impacts: Alaotra RANO SOA structures and the functional basis, credible, and effective 2015 as autonomous and resilient in governance and sustainable management of Lake Alaotra and its natural resources by 2018, Master of anthropogenic pressures and valuation sustainable economic development of local natural resources

OS1: Alaotra RANO SOA is functional, credible and effective for the management of Ramsar Site and New Protected Area (NAP)

Effects Alaotra RANO recognized as credible governance structure and the VOI at the base Commes management structures recognized by fokonolona SOA and other stakeholders by 2015

Outcome 1.1: Alaotra Rano Soa%s coordinator at the Regional level with resources

Ind1.1: Alaotra Rano Soa%s coordinator at the Regional level from ......

Outcome 1.2: The basic structures of managers and the local population are aware of the importance of wetlands and committed to sustainable management of the RAMSAR site

Ind1.2. X basic structures with at least ten people each with wetland users are aware of the ecological value of the NAP and engaged in sustainable management

Outcome 1.3: anthropogenic pressures are controlled by the implementation of various regulations and structures for monitoring and control

Ind2.2: Periodic fire no longer degrade the RAMSAR Site

Regulations and the monitoring and control of the lake and its products are applied continuously from 2014

Outcome 1.4: The experiments are evaluated capitalized and shared Alaotra RANO SOA and its members to the base

Effects: The concept of TAFO MIHVO is known and conveyed at X Fokonolona managers Natural Resources (COBAs)

Alaotra RANO Xmembres SOA and the base are affiliated to the network manager Fokonolona Natural Resources and apply their values ??and principles

OS2: The watershed management helps to reduce siltation of wetlands and to improve agricultural production

Effects techniques erosion control and agroforestry are applied by actors RAMSAR Site ha Alaotra X YYY and maintained continuously

- Revenues of X households increase by X% per year without destruction activities of natural resources

Outcome 2.1: Important lavaka stabilized and agroforestry is applied by the population at the Watershed

Ind 2.1: X lavaka stabilized and X acres of landscaped tanety agroforestry

Outcome 2.2: Activities to improve revenue respecting natural resources are developed

Ind 2.2: X ha brownfields are non cash crop and gardening with seeds adapted by Y households

Grantee: VOI TAHIA

Organisation Mission : For GEF SGP, the community-based approach is the cor

country :Madagascar

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Publication:Mena Report
Geographic Code:7IRAN
Date:Jun 7, 2014
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