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Optimized KHS Innopack Kisters Basic.

With the Innopack Kisters Basic packaging machine now in its new, optimized form, companies in the beverage, food, and non-food sectors who opt for a shrink, tray, or pad shrink packer in this series are set to gain from a whole range of added bonuses.

In the Basic series, identical servo motors with integrated servo controllers are now used for all (Unction units. This reduces and eases spare part stock keeping considerably. The individual servo motors are linked to one another through a bus system, with the result that there are now fewer cable connections to the switch cabinet.

Another major advantage of the optimized machinery is the cubic design of the machine frame. This means greater ease of operation, as there is now more space within the machine. The see-through sliding doors constructed according to hygienic design specifications provide an extremely good view inside the machine even during production.

A new film cutting and feed system in the film wrapping station has also been designed for specific savings in film. Even films just thick are perfectly processed. The servo-driven film cutter ensures much more precise film cutting with less wear.

There are also many new features in the shrink tunnel area. Optimizing the heating chamber and introducing new ventilators that work extremely efficiently have resulted in an improved flow principle that permits energy savings of up to 20 percent. An energy-saving package can also be incorporated into the shrink tunnel concept that enables consumption to be cut by a further 20 percent maximum. This package includes a roller shutter system at the in-feed and discharge openings of the shrink tunnel and a standby function. Roller shutters that close automatically, reduce downtime and prevent thermal energy from escaping. In order to cope with frequently changing packaging specifications, the shrink packer can now be converted into a tray packer or pad shrink packer, for example. Adding extra modules to the packaging concept, such as a leaflet inserter or perforation station, is also possible.

As at present, KHS' Innopack Kisters Basic packaging machines will continue to be suitable for the low-capacity range of 30 to 70 cycles per minute. The individual containers may range in diameter from 55 to 110mm and in height from 110 to 350mm. For product group formations, lengths of between 110-270mm and widths from 200-540mm are possible. With a maximum of three lanes, Basic packaging technology is devised for a wide range of packaging formats.

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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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