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Optimism and enthusiasm.

Optimism and Enthusiasm

It may sound a bit corny, but "optimism and enthusiasm" are the two words that more than any other explain the state-of-mind of the worldwide nonwovens industry today. As we present our 1990 edition of The Top Companies in the Worldwide Nonwovens Industry and as we prepare for IDEA '90, the largest trade show ever in the largest single market for nonwovens, we are struck by the almost universal confidence exhibited by the major producers.

Sure, you say, we have to say that or else our advertisers and readers will get too depressed and not advertise or read anymore. But we have often taken exactly the opposite position in the past - if there is something wrong with the industry we feel it is our duty to tell our readers about it so they can react. We have taken this posture to the limit concerning the environment and disposability and we wrote extensively on the pervading feeling only two years ago that nonwovens was maturing. With no ground breaking new technologies on the horizon at the time, our business was supposed to follow the path set by conventional textiles into boredom and routine.

But in our travels that took us into the offices and plants of virtually every one of the companies listed in our Top Companies survey in this issue, we were told repeatedly that 1990 has been a great year for nonwovens. Coverstock suppliers say their business has never been better, as diapers use more and more nonwovens; industrial nonwovens producers are reaping the benefits of increased environmental awareness by supplying more fabric for hazardous waste protection, landfills and all those oil spill clean-ups; even equipment suppliers (we stopped by their offices on the way to the roll goods producers) report their sales to nonwovens companies are up, while sales to textile and paper customers remain flat.

This has been quite a year. Despite all of the complaints about the allocation of resources and manpower, maybe it is the excitement generated by the two major U.S. and European trade shows being held in the same calendar year that has made everyone so optimistic and enthusiastic. Perhaps a rebounding worldwide economy has finally trickled down to the nonwovens industry. Or could it be the huge possibilities now seemingly within reach in Eastern Europe and some rapidly developing Far Eastern countries, including China, that have dollar signs ringing in the heads of nonwovens executives?

All we know for sure is that the optimism obvious at the nonwovens producers is leading to a level of enthusiasm that hasn't been apparent in the nonwovens industry in the past couple of years. The Top Companies we write about in this issue, which together control about 85% of the worldwide production of nonwovens, are exuding that optimism. We even have an article on enthusiasm by consultant Ted Wirtz that repeats the adage that "success breeds success."

We have experienced it here at Nonwovens Industry and we are as optimistic as the next guy about our future. Now it is a great idea to have a great IDEA '90 as an enthusiastic way to start a new nonwovens decade.
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Title Annotation:current state of nonwoven fabrics industry
Author:Jacobsen, Michael A.
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:editorial
Date:Sep 1, 1990
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