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Optimising energy from mother nature.

With power shortages looming and threatening the country, Norman Nendongo, owner of Eenghono Energy Technologies has stepped up the move to reduce electricity consumption in the country by using solar energy as an alternative source of power as well as a business venture. The enthusiast 24 year old said his company is playing its part by supplying and installing solar geysers in households and buildings, geyser timers, geyser blankets, energy efficient shower heads, geyser elements and other electrical appliances that use solar energy as an alternative to reduce consumption of electricity in the country. "Eenghono Energy Technologies is focused on the latest energy efficiency technology that helps you reduce your electrical consumption while easing the stress of increasing tariffs of electricity.", he said. He added that with financial backing he can take his company to the next level in the industry. Currently, he orders the geysers from South Africa with the main aim to sell and install, "we, from Eenghono Energy Technologies, are aware of the common problems we face in homes when it comes to using electricity," he added. The company also offers consultation to customers on how to save on electricity and get the most out of their electrical appliance. With the upcoming Windhoek Show as well as the Ongwediva Trade Fair, Nendongo, hopes to get more clientele as the company will be displaying its products at these exhibitions. "We would like to create consumer awareness as time goes, because this is also a problem we have noticed as many people are not aware," Nendongo said. "Our mission is to change the way we live. We should not have the fear to use electronics and technology for our daily operations. The fear of energy consumption should not hinder us at all," he explained. "Eenghono Energy offers new techniques in the Namibian industry of saving electricity, which they are of the opinion will eventually help NamPower reduce the strain they have on their grid system," he said. "Our prices are affordable, we want to help you save from the high prices you pay on electricity even though you don't consume that much electricity in your life style," he added. "It is hard to bring change as an upcoming business, but we are optimistic." Currently most of its customers learn about the company through social media, such as Facebook. For the young entrepreneur such as himself who want to achieve greater success in life, he said, "let faith lead the way for you and always keep your eye on the bigger picture."

Caption: Harnessing mother nature's resources in a move to reduce electrical consumption: Founder and owner of Eenghono Energy Technologies, Norman Nendongo.

Comfort Ajibola


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Author:Ajibola, Comfort
Publication:Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)
Date:Aug 8, 2014
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