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Optima introduces new pod machine: as the pod market continues to proliferate, Optima, enhances their Optima CFL unit.

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Optima, a global manufacturer of filling and packaging machinery has introduced the Optima CFL modular and linear filling system for hard and soft portion packed pods. The Optima CFL offers a modular design that can remotely access hard and/or loose pods via a modem. The Optima CFL features a fill-weight accuracy system and an automatic control system that acts as a rejection flap. The Optima CFL promises 100% single pod weight control with an output of up to 900 products per minute on a dynamic six-lane checkweigher. After the paper cutting, the pick and place unit takes the finished pods out of the supports in rows of four and places them on the in feed conveyors of the checkweighers. The rows of pods are gapped to a minimum distance on accelerator belts, so that on the downstream weighing belts there will always be only one pod per lane.

Pods with an incorrect weight will be automatically discharged downwards via a sensor control that expatiates good pods on the out feed conveyor. The reject limits are also programmable so customers can decide on weight tolerances and minimum and maximum values to be applied, all within the framework of legal regulations. There is also a tendency control for each single dosing auger that is affected via the determined weight data, which allows for product loss to be minimized. Interface connection for PC networks can also be set up, so that product statistics can be collected.

OPTIMA packaging group GmbH, Steinbeisweg 20, 74523 Schuaibisch Hall, Switzerland. Tel: (1)(49) 791-5060; Fax: (1)(49) 791 506-9000; E-mail:
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Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Jun 20, 2006
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