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Optics improve CMM.

The L S Starrett Co has introduced three non-contact measuring systems that combine the advantages of optical measuring projectors, precision microscopes, and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) into compact, three-axis packages. The measurement devices are well-suited for fragile and/or nonrigid workpieces where conventional gaging methods are ineffective. Two models, Optima-Multisensor and Centro, also enable users to switch between optical and touch-probe modes.

Optima is the basic non-contact system providing three-axis measuring capabilities with illumination from a shadowless high-intensity fiberoptic ring of light. Its 7x to 70x zoom lens remains in focus throughout its magnification range, and an endoscope is available for measuring blind features such as bores and recesses. A high-resolution camera and high-definition 9" monochrome monitor are standard.

Optima-Multisensor includes all Optima features but adds the ability to switch between optical and touch probes. A Renishaw probe arrangement on the system makes this possible and enables the unit to be used as a compact benchtop CMM. The focal distance of the system allows contact-to-noncontact switching with standard 20 mm styli without moving the probe, thus avoiding the need to requalify.

Centro offers all of the capabilities found in Optima and Optima-Multisensor, plus a high-magnification zoom-optics capability (10x to 3000x) using a constant-focus zoom lens. Centro also incorporates motor drives on all three axes and an automatic Z-axis feature that greatly reduces changes for operator error. Centro comes with a solid-state camera (760 lines) and a high-resolution 12" monochrome monitor.

The L S Starrett Co, Athol, MA, circle 265.
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Title Annotation:Quality Solutions; L.S. Starrett Co.'s non-contact measuring systems with optical measuring projector and coordinate measuring machine features
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Oct 1, 1992
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