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Optics for the shooters.

The 1991 SHOT Show debuted many new and interesting designs. Here is SI's complete roundup of what's new and innovative for 1991. In order to make it easier to find the new products and updates from this year's SHOT Show, we've broken the optics into six categories: Rifle and Shotgun Scopes, Pistolscopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Lasers/Red Dots.

Rifle and Shotgun Scopes

Action Arms: The Micro Dot[TM] riflescope line has been expanded to include a new 4-12x56mm variable, The Micro dot illuminated-dot reticle is rheostat-controlled for intensity adjustment. Quarter minute increment adjustments and a parallax adjustable objective lens is standard.

Beeman: Skylite riflescopes are available in two models, the 5066L, a 2-7x32mm and the SS-2L, in either a 3X or 4X model. The reticle of the scope is lighted by a "Skydome" that screws into an adaptor near the eyepiece. Reticle color can be changed by using different colored skydomes. Beeman is also offering two new economy models, the Model 10, a 4x32mm, and the Model 12, a 3-9x40. Both are suitable for rimfire guns or air rifles.

Burris: Burris now has a 6X, turret adjusted compact scope designed specifically for NRA Hunter Benchrest competition. The rezeroable target knobs have precise 1/8 minute adjustments. Parallax is adjustable from 25 yards to infinity. Two reticles are offered,

Emerging Technologies: Three models of Powerdot[TM] scopes are new for 9 1. the 2-7x32mm, 3-9x40mm and 4-12x56mm all use a red dot at the crosshair intersection. The red dot is variable for intensity based on the hunter's lighting conditions. Standard scope mounts are used.

Leupold & Stevens, Inc.: Leupold was prolific this year with 17 new or revised scopes. Large objective variables saw two new additions with the Vari-X II 3-9x50mm in standard and matte finishes. Duplex or heavy duplex reticles are available in both.

Shotgun scopes are new this year and include M8 2X EER, M8 2.5X Compact, M8 4X, Vari-X II 1-4 and Vari-X II 2-7 models. All are equipped with the heavy duplex reticle.

Varmint shooters were included too with the M8 8X and M8 12X adjustable objective scopes. The Vari-X III 3.5-10 and 6.5-20 adjustable objective scopes were also new. All carry the target dot reticle and use 1/4 inch windage and elevation adjustments.

Matte finish scopes have been added in the following models: M8 6x42, Vari-X II 2-7, Vari-X II 4-12 Adjustable Objective, and the Vari-X III 6.5-20 Adjustable Objective. Another revision, the Vari-X II 3-9 Silver has also been added.

Rimfire shooters haven't been left out. A new Vari-X II 2-7 RF Special has been added to Leupold's long lineup.

Nichols Sports Optics (Div. of Ernie Simmons Ent.): Nichols has introduced a high-end line of optics for the rifleman in 1.5-5X, 2-7X, 3-9x40, 4-12x44, 3-10x44 and 6-24x44.

Nikon: The Sport Optics branch of Nikon has been busy adding six new riflescopes to their lineup. Hunters have new 4x40, 1.5-4.5x20, 2-7x32, and 3-9x40 scopes to choose from. The varmint hunter/target shooter has the 4-12x40 AO (adjustable objective) and the 6.5-20x44 AO to choose from.

Pentax Corp.: The new Lightseeker 3-9x43 from Pentax features seven-layer Super Multi-coating and quarter-minute steel-on-steel adjustments. Eye relief is three inches, weight is 15 ounces. The one inch scope is available in high gloss and matte finish.

Redfield: The Tracker series has added a fixed power 6X scope in blue or matte finish. The Redfield 4-plex reticle is standard. The 3.5 inch eye relief and 6.4mm exit pupil should make this a popular hunting scope in low light conditions.

Schmidt & Bender: The new 4-12x42 model has a 30mm tube and weighs in at about 22 ounces. The eyepiece uses a soft rubber, spring-loaded collar, protecting the eyebrow. Eye relief is 3.25 inches. The power adjustment ring is also rubber-covered for ease of use.

Simmons Outdoor Corp.: The 44 Mag series (top photo) has two new models, a 2-7x44 and a 4-12x44. Both scopes feature three inch eye relief, matte finish, and quarter minute adjustments. The 4-12 is parallax adjustable. Truplex reticles are standard with both.

The Prohunter series (bottom photo) has a new 3-9x40 wide angle scope offered in silver or black matte.

The Whitetail Classic 2-10x44 WA has a BlackGranite[TM] finish over the one inch tube. The optics are 100% multicoated with a truplex reticle standard.

Steiner: The Penetrator[TM] Infrared is designed to enhance the human eye by maximizing light transmission in the red part of the spectrum. Since many game animals are brown, and red is the major color component in brown, Steiner's new Penetrator is designed to reflect green and blue light back into the woods to lessen the visibility of foliage and heighten the brown shades of game.

The Penetrator is available in three models: 6x42, 1.5-6x42 and a 3-12x56.

Tasco Sales: Dealers will benefit this year from Tasco's line of World Class Plus[TM], optics for dealers only. Backed by Tasco's No Fault Lifetime Warranty, the World Class Plus rifle-scopes all carry extra large 44mm objective lenses. Available in 6x44, 3-9x44 and a 3-9x44 in a matte finish. All are shock-, fog-, and waterproof. The 6x44 has a 3.25 inch eye relief, is 12.75 inches long and weighs 13.6 ounces. The 3-9x44 zoom is about two ounces heavier and has a 3.5 inch eye relief. Both have 30/30 reticles and a one inch tube.

Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc.: The ZM/Z series of riflescopes are available in either rail or ring mounts. Sizes are 6x42, 8x56, 1.5-6x42 and 3-12x56. All are specially designed for low light conditions and feature fully-coated lenses. The reticle size is matched to the power selected in the variable power scopes. Weight ranges from about 12.8 to 15.3 ounces. The fixed power scopes are one inch tubes, the variable scopes are 30mm.


Burris: Burris has filled a niche with the first 3-9X long eye relief handgun scope. The 3-9X LER is available in three models. The finish is either blue or Silver Safari, with the parallax adjustable model available in blue only. Eye relief varies from 22 inches at 3X to 14 inches at 9X.

Nikon: Two pistolscopes were added. The 2x20 EER and the 1.5-4.5x24 EER scopes are one-inch tubes available in black luster or satin silver. Both have quarter-minute windage and elevation adjustments. Eye relief on the 2X scope is 10-26 inches, on the variable, 18-24 inches.

Pentax Corp.: One new pistolscope for 1991, the 2.5-7x36, has been added. Weighing in at 12.5 ounces, the 12 inch-long scope has a one inch tube and features 1/6 minute adjustments. Eye relief is from 11-28 inches at low power and 9-14 inches at 7X.

Tasco Sales: Three new World CLASS[TM] one inch pistolscopes have been added. all are available in black gloss or matte aluminum finish. The 2x22 model has an 11-20 inch eye relief is less than nine inches and weighs just over seven ounces. The 4x28 and 1.25-4x28 scopes feature an eye relief of 13-20 inches and 15-23 inches respectively. They weigh in at about eight ounces each.


Bushnell Div. of Bausch & Lomb: The InstaVision[TM] focus free binocular action pack now includes Sportview[TM] handstraps with each 7x35mm or 10 x 50mm wide angle binocular (top photo). The package is also available in a compact folding model, the 8x22mm roof prism model.

Bushnell's Legacy[R] line has been expanded to add an 8x24mm porro prism unit (bottom photo). The nine ounce unit is covered with rubber armouring. A June availability is planned on the 8x24 model.

Jason Empire, Inc.: Jason's GlassesOn concept allows those that wear eyeglasses to use binoculars comfortably. The center-focus 7x35, 10x50 and 8x40 wide angle models follow the familiar Jason design in navy blue rubber. Oversized lenses with a rubber cushioned eyeglass guard fit snugly against the user's glasses. A shoulder strap and case is included.

Minolta: Minolta is the first to crack the electronic focus barrier for sporting optics. Their continuous autofocus binoculars use the same technology as Minolta's single lens reflex autofocus cameras.

The Minolta Autofocusing Binoculars in 8x22mm and 10x25mm are roof prism designs that weigh about 19 ounces with batteries, They focus from about seven feet (8X) or nine feet (10X) to infinity.

Nikon: With 28 new models, Nikon has been the busiest of all the optics groups. Here we'll cover five and leave the rest up to you. Nikon's Criterion line has two new models, the 9X30D (at right) and the 12x36D, both are root prism, center-focus units that weigh 15.7 and 20 ounces respectively. The Sea and Sport line 8x30d roof prism binocular uses individual focus on each eyepiece and weighs only 24 ounces. The 8x23 (shown below) and 10x25 Mountaineers are all-metal, grey rubber coated, central focused binoculars. The weight is 15 to 17 ounces.

Pentax Corp.: The new models are available this year. The PCF line is larger with the addition of a 16x50 porno prism, center focus model. BAK-4 prisms, Super Multi-coated optics and excellent eye relief are the 16X50PCF top features (at right, above). The 16x50 weighs in at 32 ounces.

Two new roof prism, center focus binoculars, the 8X56DCF and the 9X63DCF (below) have excellent low light viewing capability. The 7mm exit pupil allows maximum brightness in low light conditions. Click diopter adjustments make it easier for diopter adjustments to stay set in place. Due to their size and power, they are supplied with a tripod socket. The rubberized finish protects against moisture and shock. All the binoculars listed here come with a neck strap and case.

Redfield: Adjust-free, waterproof and armor coated best describe these Redfield 7x35 and 10x50 All Sports Widefield[R] binoculars. Weighing in at 19 and 27 ounces respectively, both have folding eyecups and are supplied with strap and case.

Simmons Outdoor Corp.: The Whitetail Classic compact (below) is available in two new models, the 8x25 WA and 10X25WA. The compact roof prism design uses armored and textured finishes.

The Gold Medal roof prism line is stocked in 8x42 and 10x42 sizes with black rubber finish.

Simmons' Focus-free series has three new models. New this year are 7x35, 8x40 and 10x50 models. All are wide angle models.

Three new Brown RealTree[TM] optics. binoculars in 8x21 and 10X25WA and a monocular are listed.

Steiner: Forrest green silicone armor covers Steiner's new Big Horn binoculars. The 9x40 unit weighs in at 26 ounces. The Whitetail Line has 6x30 and a 7x50 binoculars with Steiner's CAT-EYE coating. CAT means Color Adjusted Transmission. CAT maximizes light transmission to 99.8% per lens and lights up the game animal.

Swarovski: Second generation compact binoculars are new this year. The Mark 11 7x30 and 8x30 binoculars are fully waterproof, more impact resistant and centrally focused. (top photo)

Pocket binoculars, weighing in at less than seven ounces, are new for 91. The 8x20 B pocket binoculars above) fold into a small package that is lightweight and equipped with superior roof prism optics. They are waterproof, even with central focus, and are equipped with roll-back eyecups.

Swift Instruments: Swift has two new binoculars. The first. the model 801. is a 10x25 porro prism unit with charcoal gray diecast body. Charcoal gray smooth rubber strips give a sure grip. Strap and case are included.

The model 803 is a 6-12x23 center focus zoom. Weighing in at only 12.1 ounces. Clarity is enhanced with magenta-coated optics and barium crown prisms, A case in included.

Tasco Sales: Designed to be sold by serious firearms dealers, four World Class Plus binoculars have been added. The lineup includes a 7x35. a 7x42. an 8x40 and a 10x50. All are wide angle with BAK-4 prisms and center focus systems. All lenses are fully-coated and multi-coated. Weight ranges from about 28 ounces to 33 ounces. All have rubber fold down eyecups.

Spotting Scopes

Burris: The Spotter Series offers three models that are spread across the spectrum of needs in the shooting world. The rubber armour coating on all three provides a durable finish. The eye relief is almost one inch. The spotting scope sizes are 20X 50mm, 24X 60mm, and 30X 60mm. A sunshade is built in and retractable. Each scope comes with a padded carrying case.

Bushnell Div. of Bausch & Lomb: The Sentry line now has an 18-36X, 50mm spotting scope. The armour-coated scope has an integral peep sight to aid in fast target acquisition. The black armour coating reduces contact noise and protects the scope from field hazards. A non-reflective black tripod is included with the 18-36X Sentry.

Jason Empire, Inc.: If compactness is a criteria, the Model 346 Compact 20X from Jason will fit the bill. The 28 ounce 20x50mm spotting scope includes a carrying case and shoulder strap and tripod. The scope is covered with black rubber polymer and the one-piece adjustable tripod is matte black to reduce reflection.

Nikon: Nikon's new 20-45x60 Fieldscope Zoom and ED Zoom models can be converted into an 800mm f/13.3 lens using a Nikon adaptor. The water resistant spotting scopes weigh in at just over two pounds each. The ED Zoom features ED Glass, which is extra low dispersion, and automatically rectifies almost all spherical and chromatic aberrations resulting in true color and image clarity.

Nikon also has two new Sea and Sport series spotting scopes: a 20X60 RC and a 15-45x60 RC zoom (at left). Both are rubber-coated and water resistant and are supplied with a tripod.

Redfield: Fixed and zoom waterproof spotting scopes are new this year. Offered are a 25X and a 20-45X 60mm scope covered in a non-glare, rubber armor. Both come either with or without hard case. Both are supplied with a vinyl carry bag. Only the variable model is camera adaptable.

Swarovski: The Habicht AT 80 telescope's 80mm objective lens ensures optimal performance in low light. Waterproof and dustproof, either 22X or 20-60X eyepieces may be used. The 22X eyepiece is supplied with the telescope. A camera adaptor is also available for reflex camera.

Swift Instruments: A 10-40X40 zoom is new for Swift. The short (16.3 inches) length and coated lenses make this a good general purpose spotting scope or a good addition for the pistol box.

Tasco Sales: Tasco's World Class Plus line also includes a new 15-45x60 zoom spotting scope. It is available with or without an eyepiece so the customer can equip the scope with zoom or fixed power optics. Optional eyepieces are available in 20X, 22X wide angle, 40X and the 15-45 zoom. The WCP spotter is finished in a black granite-like textured finish. A tripod is included.

Tasco also has a new World Class[TM] Compact 25X Spotter. Weighing only 24 ounces, the 25X scope measures only 11.25 inches in length. Long eye relief (over one inch) and a rubber eyepiece cup help eliminate fatigue. The 50mm objective lens features full- and multi-coating for bright, clear viewing.

Lasers/Red Dots

Aimpoint: The Aimpoint line continues to expand and develop with the introduction of the Aimpoint 5000. A true 30mm field of view gives the user of the 5000 quick target acquisition. Two dots provide either a three minute red dot for the precision shooter or a ten minute dot (mag dot) for the speed shooter, waterfowler or turkey hunter.

Aimpoint also has a new red dot sight for the archer, the Aimpoint Bow. It uses a 30mm tube, and is designed to fit most right-handed compounds. The Aimpoint Bow is adjustable for different distances.

Emerging Technologies: Laser sights were abundant from Emerging Technologies this year. The LASERAIM[TM] lineup includes the LA5, a 1.9 inch by .75 inch laser that projects a two inch dot at 100 yards (mounts are available for handguns and bows). The LA5 Magnum, only 2.75 inches long yet has a 1,000 yard range, projects a one inch dot at 100 yards. Finally, the LA6 compact shotgun laser sight, which places a two inch dot on target at 100 yards, is being offered for the four major shotgun manufacturer's shotguns. It is also available in a Magnum version, the LA6 Magnum, with the same specs as the LA5 Magnum.

The LA99 Illusion[TM] D.O.T. (Direct On Target) electronic dot scope comes with battery, extension tube, and polarizing filter. The intensity of the dot is adjustable. The LA99 uses standard one inch rings. Black and satin finishes are available.

InterAims: Satin chrome and black versions of the ONE V are new for 1991. Lighter than earlier versions of Interaims red dot sights, the ONE V weighs in at only 3.9 ounces. The red dot is adjustable for intensity, windage and elevation. One inch rings are included.

Laser Devices, Inc.: Laser's new BA-2 handgun series projects a sub-one inch spot at 100 yards. It is attached to the handgun in a self-contained Delron unit that blends in with the pistol's lines. The weight is only 2.2 ounces. The BA-2 is designed to fit S&W, Ruger P85, Beretta 92 and Glock models and comes in either black or stainless versions.

Tasco Sales: The PDP3 ProPoint[R] is Tasco's new red dot scope. It has a 25% larger field of view, five or 10 minute dots, a click-stop rheostat giving precise light control and unlimited eye relief. The 30mm tube in only five inches long and weighs just 5.5 ounces. The field of view is 40 feet at 100 yards. A 2X booster is also available.

Selected Manufacturers
Company Circle #
Action Arms 401
ADCO 402
Aimpoint 403
Aimtech Mount Systems 404
Aus Jena Europtic Ltd. 405
B-Square 406
Beeman 407
Buehler 408
Burris 409
Bushnell 410
Conetrol Scope Mounts 411
Emerging Technologies 412
Hesco-Meprolight Sights 413
J.B. Holden Co. 414
Imatronic, Inc. 415
InterAims 416
Jason Empire, Inc. 417
Laser Devices, Inc. 418
Kwik-Site 419
Kowa Optimed 420
Leica 421
Leupold & Stevens, Inc. 422
Millett 423
Minolta 424
Mirador Optical Corp. 425
Nichols Sports Optics 426
Nikon 427
Pentax Corp. 428
Redfield 429
Schmidt & Bender 430
Shepherd Scope, Ltd. 431
Simmons Outdoor Corp. 432
Steiner 433
Swarovski 434
Swift Instruments 435
Tasco Sales 436
Thompson/Center 437
Trijicon, Inc. 438
Weaver 439
Wideview Scope Mount Co. 440
Williams Gun Sight Co. 441
Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc. 442
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