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Optical non-contact sensor for sheet, thick-film.

New OptiMike 0M190 optical micrometer from NDC, Irwindale, Calif., provides direct, non-contacting, single-sided thickness measurement for sheet, foam, and thick films. The sensor incorporates an LED that projects a beam of light across the apex of the product wrapped over a precision reference backing roll. On the opposite side of the roll, a precision CCD micrometer array optically measures the exact location of the top surface of the product to submicron accuracy. An integrated eddy-current sensor measures the distance of the sensor to the surface of the roll. The data from the CCD array and the eddy-current sensor are combined to provide a total thickness measurement.

The sensor frame is designed for low thermal expansion. A thermo-electric cooling system maintains the internal temperature of the sensor components and electronics to within [+ or -]0.1[degrees]C. The sensor is encased for thermal protection, electromagnetic shielding, and exclusion of contaminants. OptiMike does not require either air or water utilities.

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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Oct 1, 2012
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