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Optical imaging and aberrations part III; wavefront analysis.


Optical imaging and aberrations part III; wavefront analysis.

Mahajan, Virendra N.



418 pages




Having published volumes on ray geometrical optics and wave diffraction optics, Mahajan, an optical scientist with a California company, continues his series on optical imaging and aberrations by looking at wavefront analysis, an integral part of optical design, fabrication, and testing. He begins by describing optical wavefronts and their aberrations, and orthonormal polynomials and Gram-Schmid orthonormalization. Then he walks readers through systems with a range of pupil shapes: circular, annular, Gaussian, hexagonal, elliptical, rectangular, square, and slit. Other chapters cover the use of Zernike circle polynomials for non-circular pupils, anamorphic systems, and numerical wavefront analysis.

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Date:Oct 1, 2013
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