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Bridge-edges Mining in Complex Power Optical Cable Network based on Minimum Connected Chain Attenuation Topological Potential. Jiang, Wanchang; Liu, Yanhui; Wang, Shengda; Guo, Jian Report Mar 1, 2021 7168
Realization of a Secure Visible Light Communication System via Chaos Synchronization. Liao, Teh-Lu; Chen, Chih-Yung; Chen, Hsin-Chieh; Chen, Yung-Yi; Hou, Yi-You Report Feb 8, 2021 3512
Ultraviolet Vortex Generation through All-Dielectric Nano-Antennas for Free Space Optical Communication. Asim, Arslan Report Feb 1, 2021 3117
Average BER Analysis of Free-Space Optical Communications with Adaptive Threshold Technique over Exponentiated Weibull Distribution. Zhang, Li; Wang, Jingyuan; Huang, Liu; Zhang, Han; Xu, Ning Report Jan 1, 2021 2595
Spreading of Four-Petal Lorentz-Gauss Beams Propagating through Atmospheric Turbulence. Chang, Shuai; Song, Yansong; Dong, Yan; Dong, Keyan Report May 1, 2019 2270
Data at the Speed of Light. Apr 1, 2019 512
Surface Centroid TOA Location Algorithm for VLC System. Zhang, Yuexia; Chen, Hang; Chen, Shuang; Jin, Jiacheng Report Jan 1, 2019 4874
Spectrum Utilization Efficiency of Elastic Optical Networks Utilizing Coarse Granular Routing. Le, Hai-Chau; Dang, Ngoc T. Report Sep 1, 2018 5138
A Hybrid PAPR Reduction Scheme for Optical Wireless OFDM Communication Systems. Abdulkafi, Ayad A.; Alias, Mohamad Yusoff; Hussein, Yaseein Soubhi; Omar, Nazaruddin; Salleh, Mohd K Report Mar 1, 2018 5655
Taking a fresh look at optical technologies. Nelson, Rick Editorial Mar 1, 2018 2644
Performance Analysis of Flat Gain Wideband Raman Amplifier for S+C and C+L Band DWDM System. Pradhan, Dipika D.; Mandloi, Abhilash Report Jan 1, 2018 3373
Experimental Investigation of Zadoff-Chu Matrix Precoding for Visible Light Communication System with OFDM Modulation. Guo, Xinyue; Guo, Yang; Li, Shuangshuang Report Jan 1, 2018 3138
Experimental Demonstration of Special-Shaped 32-Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Constellations for Visible Light Communications. Guo, Xinyue; Li, Shuangshuang; Guo, Yang Report Jan 1, 2018 3366
Switching MIMO System with Adaptive OFDM Modulation for Indoor Visible Light Communication. Guo, Xinyue; Zhang, Keer; Huang, Xufa Report Jan 1, 2018 3831
60GHz Reverse Modulation Fiber-Wireless System with Two Jointed DSP Algorithms. Chen, Long; He, Ziwei; Zhao, Lv; Zhong, Bin Report Jan 1, 2018 2943
Let there be LiFi. Dale, Matthew Aug 1, 2017 2295
Reduction of phase aberrations in the terrestrial free space optical communication with a novel approach. Thanmayie, V.G.; Amudha, A.; Kaviya, B.; Selvi, J. Arputha Vijaya May 1, 2017 2474
On the transmission of colour image over double generalized gamma FSO channel. Ilic, Milos N.; Prlincevic, Bojan P.; Spalevic, Petar C.; Panic, Stefan R.; Drajic, Dejan D. Report Apr 1, 2017 3397
Theoretical Investigation of Oxazine 170 Perchlorate Doped Polymeric Optical Fiber Amplifier. Miluski, Piotr; Kochanowicz, Marcin; Zmojda, Jacek; Dorosz, Dominik Report Jan 1, 2017 3178
Design and Analysis of Self-Healing Tree-Based Hybrid Spectral Amplitude Coding OCDMA System. Imtiaz, Waqas A.; Qamar, Affaq; Ur Rehman, Atiq; Ali, Haider; Chaudhry, Adnan Rashid; Iqbal, Javed Report Jan 1, 2017 7703
Secrecy Dimming Capacity in Multi-LED PAM-Based Visible Light Communications. Kim, Byung Wook Report Jan 1, 2017 3428
Interactive Smart Fashion Using User-Oriented Visible Light Communication: The Case of Modular Strapped Cuffs and Zipper Slider Types. Kim, Jai-Eun; Kim, Youn-Hee; Oh, Jung-Hun; Kim, Ki-Doo Case study Jan 1, 2017 6753
Prioritising Redundant Network Component for HOWBAN Survivability Using FMEA. Chan, Cheong Loong; Lee, Sheng Chyan; Yeong, Kee Choon; Tan, Su Wei Report Jan 1, 2017 8668
Boosting throughput by adding complexity. Lecklider, Tom Dec 1, 2016 3406
Smart algorithms for hierarchical clustering in optical network. Atalla, Shadi; Tarapiah, Saed; Hendy, Mahmoud El; Hashim, Kamarul Faizal Bin Report Aug 1, 2016 9851
Potentials and challenges of light fidelity based indoor communication system. Aftab, Farooq Report Jul 1, 2016 4736
Shining a light on bandwidth, data-transmission measurements. Nelson, Rick Editorial Mar 1, 2016 2325
Record for fastest data rate set. Feb 1, 2016 723
Modeling of the PSK utilization at the signal transmission in the optical transmission medium. Roka, Rastislav; Mokran, Martin Report Dec 1, 2015 2321
Infinera's DTN-X platform deployed by Colt Technology Services. Brief article May 20, 2015 195
Dynamic home circuit construction for datacenter networks using LOBS-HC ring. Tang, Wan; Yi, Bo; Yang, Ximi; Li, Jingcong Report May 1, 2015 7465
Propagation and Characterization of Novel Graded and Linearly Chirped Type's of Refractive Index Profile Symmetric Planar Slab Waveguide by Numerical Means. Raghuwanshi, Sanjeev Kumar; Rahman, B. M. Azizur Report May 1, 2015 5007
Performance Analysis of Indoor Optical Wireless Links. Sharma, Ram Kumar; Kaushal, Hemani; Sharma, Prabhat Kumar Report Apr 1, 2015 2137
Energy-saving strategy based on an immunization algorithm for network traffic. Zhao, Dongyan; Long, Keping; Wang, Dongxue; Zheng, Yichuan; Tu, Jiajing Report Apr 1, 2015 3735
Pulse dual slope modulation for VLC. Oh, Minseok Report Apr 1, 2014 4619
Stronger North American ON market. Industry overview Dec 1, 2013 429
Global OC market sales to hit historic peak. Industry overview Jul 1, 2013 377
Etched glass lets light pass around: optical topological insulator transparent on surface only. Grant, Andrew May 18, 2013 450
Clearfield FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center developed for below-grade deployment. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 225
Clearfield FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center developed for below-grade deployment. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 227
Modeling of environmental influences at the signal transmission in the optical transmission medium. Roka, Rastislav; Certik, Filip Report Dec 1, 2012 5171
An accurate loss model for a star optical burst-switched network. Riadi, Salek; Maach, Abdelilah Report Oct 1, 2012 3218
UNH Partners with TraceSpan to Provide GPON Testing. Mar 1, 2012 474
Reduced-state MLSD based on volterra kernels for square-law detected multipath channels. Ha, Youngsun; Chung, Wonzoo Report Dec 1, 2011 3244
Upgrading efficiency and improvement of the performance of broadband wireless optical access communication networks. El-dokany, Ibrahim M.; Mohamed, Abd El-Naser A.; Rashed, Ahmed Nabih Zaki; El-Nabawy, Amina M. Report Aug 1, 2011 3774
Experimental works on photocell based visible light communication for audio signal transmission application. Ab-Rahman, Mohammad Syuhaimi; Azizan, Luqman Al-Hakim; Hadiguna; Harun, Mohammad Hazwan Technical report Apr 1, 2011 3261
Interference removal is key to optical efficiency. Dec 1, 2010 457
Making light of high-speed communications. Lecklider, Tom Sep 1, 2010 2995
Int'l equipment suppliers visit Taiwan for GPON deal. Brief article Jul 14, 2009 164
Ericsson completes trial for 40Gb/s optical transmission technology in Australia. Brief article May 25, 2007 130
The Quilt names Fujitsu as preferred supplier of optical transport solutions. Brief article Apr 19, 2007 206
Southern Cross implements Nortel optical solution. Brief article Aug 10, 2006 254
PoE midspans assist security effort: easy-to-install, low-cost technology eases video surveillance system installation. Jun 1, 2006 587
Marconi installs optical line for Sardinia. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 161
Fiber hits home: expect more builders to tout home technology packages that offer voice, high-speed Internet access, and video as a way to stay competitive. Zurier, Steve Jan 1, 2005 595
Carnegie Mellon links up with LightPointe's optical wireless technology to serve off-campus buildings. Jun 1, 2004 562
Optical Ethernet connectivity. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 88
Intel reveals optical fibre PC technology. Mar 1, 2004 126
Angled faceplates. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 106
Fiber conversion. Oct 1, 2003 121
Indoor optical link. (Wireless products). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 101
Nortel Networks supplies Optical Ethernet solution for South Korean bank. Brief Article Oct 29, 2002 148
Corning Inc. Brief Article Aug 12, 2002 85
New pulsed laser deposition technique speeds search for high-tech thin films. (General Developments). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 252
Tests of wireless communication network slated in Fukuoka. Brief Article Jun 24, 2002 178
5 Forces Transforming Communications. Molitor, Graham T.T. Sep 1, 2001 2704
Device offers promise for faster optical communications. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 441
Mitel acquires stake in new photonics company. Brief Article Jan 16, 2001 131
Quantum opens European headquarters in Britain. Brief Article Nov 16, 2000 107
Lucent wins networking equipment contract in China. Brief Article Oct 25, 2000 127
Fiber Optic Multi Channel (FOMC) Series. Brief Article May 1, 2000 95
The access piece Smith, Steve; Grimes, Mark Sep 1, 1998 1432
New telecommunications technologies. Cohen, Robert Apr 1, 1998 3563
Taking a walk on the lighter side. Lipkin, Richard Brief Article Dec 10, 1994 250
BT demonstrates MUNDI. Streetly, Martin Oct 1, 1994 229
Lasers over Manhattan: Deutsche Bank says 10-4. Fink, Michael L. May 1, 1994 1341
Lightwave: reviewing technology worldwide. Bowry, Kavita Sep 1, 1993 2731
Progress in optical amplification. Auge, J.; Chesnoy, J.; Gabla, P.M.; Weygang, A. Jun 1, 1993 3773
Seeing into the world of fiber optics for security. De Lia, Robert Mar 1, 1993 3194
From microwaves to lightwaves: the new dimensions of lightwave measurements. Vifian, Hugo Jan 1, 1993 4245
RF/optical interface design for optical intersatellite links. Garlow, R. K.; Campanella, S. J. Oct 1, 1991 6165
Information superhighways: the next information revolution. Gore, Albert, Jr. Jan 1, 1991 1606
Using spiral flow for optical cord passing. Horii, Kiyoshi Aug 1, 1990 1052
News track. Mar 1, 1990 1005
Local loops with fiber optics. Thomsen, Dietrick E. Mar 30, 1985 1280
More heroes of optical communications. Thomsen, Dietrick E. Mar 2, 1985 706

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