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Optical Access International Debuts 24-Drive Network CD-ROM File Server That's as Fast as Ethernet

Netserve(TM)/CD 2400 Delivers Blazing Speed with Direct Network Connect

WOBURN, Mass., June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Optical Access International, Inc. (OAI) today announced the immediate availability of the first 24-drive networked CD-ROM server to break the 1MB/second data transfer barrier. OAI's Netserve/CD 2400 is the industry's first self-contained, direct network connect, CD-ROM server that yields performance parallel with common file servers at a fraction of their cost.

OAI's Netserve/CD 2400 server provides a direct network attachment for CD-ROMs rather than to a host file server with a SCSI connection to a CD tower. This completely fully contained and compact direct network connect CD-ROM server unshackles CD-ROMs drives from conventional file servers, making the discs directly accessible to other computers on the network. By freeing the drives from the file server, islands of storage are avoided because the CD-ROM server can be located and accessed anywhere on the network. The Netserve/CD 2400 server requires no client software and appears to users and other computers on the network as a file server with available CD-ROM drives.

The Netserve/CD 2400 attributes its speed to its high-performance architecture. An Intel i960 RISC based microprocessor combined with OAI's microkernel enables the Netserve/CD 2400 to provide file server speed with the flexibility and simplicity one would expect from a network-attach device. Each Netserve/CD 2400 includes a network interface, up to 64 megabytes of RAM, and SafeSwap(TM), the industry's first truly fault tolerant hot-swapping system for CD-ROMs.

Key features of the Netserve/CD 2400 include:

-- Performance: over 1 MB/second network transfer rate

-- Direct access: fully configured file server connects directly to the

-- Ease of use and installation: automatic configuration -- just plug it
 in to your Ethernet network

-- System management: configure users, groups and security with a mouse

-- Reliability: SafeSwap provides hot-swapping of CD-ROM drives.

Barrier-breaking Performance

The Netserve/CD 24001s transfer rate of up to 1.2 MB/second is 10 times faster than existing systems and is close to the maximum transfer rate of the network. The conventional file server's performance is also improved by the Netserve/CD 2400 system because CD-ROM file service processing is off-loaded from the file and print server, enabling more processing to be devoted to file and print services.

Ease of Use and Installation

Simplicity of installation is key to the Netserve/CD 2400. With its ability to automatically configure, installation occurs quickly with no
network downtime and no software to install. Once connected to the network, the Netserve/CD 2400 appears as any other networked server. No custom client software is required. Users do not need to learn new commands or interfaces to access the Netserve/CD 2400. For example, Windows 95 users access the Netserve/CD 2400 server by clicking on the Network Neighborhood icon. CD-ROM drives appear as they would with any file server.

System Management

The Netserve/CD 2400 is managed through NSadmin, a Windows-based program. The complete suite of management services includes virtual volume support, security services, user profile services, automatic CD-ROM mounting, and multiple Netserve/CD 2400 server management.

Pricing and Availability

Netserve/CD 2400 pricing starts at $14,995 for an 24-drive system with 8X hot swappable CD-ROM drives and 32MB of RAM.

Technical support is free to customers and resellers. Phone support is provided during standard Eastern US business hours and 24-hour, 7-day support is provided via the Technical Support section on the company's Internet site at or OAI also offers on site service contracts on all Netserve/CD 2400 systems. OAI will be demonstrating these products at Networks/PC Expo '97, June 17-19, booth #1322 at the Javits Convention Center, New York, NY.

For more information, contact OAI at 617-937-3910 or toll free at 800-433-5133, by electronic mail at or from OAI's web site at

About OAI

Optical Access International, Inc. (OAI) is the leading developer of CD-ROM networking software and hardware products for Windows, Macintosh, DOS, Unix and OS/2 users on NetWare(TM), Windows NT(TM), LAN Manager(TM), AppleShare(TM), and NFS networks. OAI is headquartered in Woburn, Mass.

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/CONTACT: Tom Eid, Director of Marketing of Optical Access International: Network Storage Solutions, 617-937-3910, ext. 1150 or or

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Date:Jun 16, 1997
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