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Opsware Adds Orchestration and Process Automation Capabilities to Data Center Automation Suite.

Opsware Orchestrator Includes iConclude Software to Automate Workflow Across the Data Center; Coordinates Activities Between Disparate IT Management Tools

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Opsware Inc. (NASDAQ:OPSW), the leading provider of Data Center Automation software, today announced Opsware Orchestrator, which adds Run Book Automation (RBA) capabilities, specifically workflow and orchestration, to its Opsware System 6 suite. RBA gives IT organizations the ability to automate the process of designing, creating, orchestrating, administering and reporting on workflows used to control IT operations across the data center. Opsware Orchestrator's new orchestration and process automation capabilities are provided through a partnership agreement with iConclude, through which iConclude's RBA software is available immediately from Opsware, integrated with Opsware System 6.

The tightly integrated Opsware System 6 suite automates the time-consuming, day-to-day tasks associated with provisioning, managing change and remediation, and enforcing compliance for applications, servers, networks, and storage in the data center. This automation has allowed IT organizations to achieve dramatic labor cost savings, improve quality and consistency, and easily meet audit and compliance requirements. However, as organizations embrace Data Center Automation on a large scale, the need to align processes, automate hand-offs between groups and/or functions, and integrate with other IT management tools becomes critical.

With the complexity of today's enterprise environments, it's not unusual to see several management tools being utilized in various silos. There are multiple flavors of monitoring, event console, service desk and CMDB tools that often report conflicting data and force multiple disconnected manual processes to occur on a daily basis. The presence of all these disparate systems greatly contributes to high IT costs and error-prone change management and makes establishing run book processes across silos and functions extremely difficult.

Opsware Orchestrator, which integrates iConclude's RBA platform, addresses this complexity with workflow and orchestration capabilities that add yet another level of automation to the data center. It provides the foundation for run-time event, data exchange and workflow integration between Opsware's suite and other management systems found in the data center.

Opsware Orchestrator provides:

* Bi-directional data and event integration with most common system management, incident management and help desk tools to support ITIL processes

* The ability to push or pull data between different system management tools to streamline change and speed change management

* The ability to automatically open, update and close tickets based on Opsware Orchestrator data

* Improved compliance management and accountability around change actions and approvals

Pre-Built Workflows

Unlike competitive offerings that require IT organizations to build all workflows from scratch, Opsware Orchestrator, which leverages iConclude Accelerator Packs, includes more than 500 pre-built procedure workflows that address common problems in data center environments. These pre-built procedure packs contain both individual automation operations that can be used in larger workflows as well as fully-built workflows that require minimal configuration prior to deployment. Fully built workflows are designed to be flexible yet still capture best practice for ITIL compliance and operational efficiency. Pre-built workflow packs include procedures for addressing common management activities associated with Windows, Unix, Linux, Networking, Storage, Virtualization, and Middleware.

Automating Repetitive IT Tasks

Opsware Orchestrator's new workflow and RBA capabilities help IT Operations teams to automate the triage, troubleshooting, and repair of incidents and alerts, as well as repetitive maintenance tasks, including:

* Automating resolution for recurring alerts and incidents

* Standardizing incident triage and troubleshooting

* Significantly reducing support costs

* Decreasing mean time to repair (MTTR), potentially from hours or days to just minutes

* Automating routine maintenance procedures and tasks

* Scheduling periodic maintenance and health checks against complex server infrastructure

In addition, the new solution delivers comprehensive automation, audit-trail, reporting, scheduling, security and integration capabilities.

"Enforcing ITIL processes in a modern data center is the gold standard for IT operations managementCobut few IT organizations ever actually get there," said Tim Howes, CTO of Opsware Inc. "Now, with the comprehensive workflow and orchestration capabilities of Opsware Orchestrator, including more than 500 pre-packaged workflows and process templates, achieving ITIL compliance can be within the grasp of even the most complex IT shops."

About iConclude

iConclude is the market leader in Run Book Automation. iConclude's OpsForce provides automated incident resolution that increases ITIL incident and problem management visibility, reduces escalations, minimizes false alerts, and streamlines the resolution process. iConclude's managed automation technology self-heals systems and enables frontline operations and support teams to diagnose, repair, and maintain business-critical applications in a guided and repeatable way. Founded in 2005, iConclude is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington and is privately held with funding from Greylock Partners, Shasta Ventures, and Madrona Venture Group. For more information go to

About Opsware Inc. (NASDAQ:OPSW)

Opsware Inc. is the world's leading Data Center Automation software company. The growth of the Internet is driving a shift from client/server computing to Web architecture. With this shift comes an overwhelming proliferation of servers, networking devices and applications, creating massive complexity that makes automated IT operations a necessity. Opsware automates the complete IT lifecycle and enables IT to automatically discover, provision, patch, configure, secure, change, scale, audit, recover, consolidate, migrate, and reallocate servers, network devices and applications. Over 350 of the world's largest companies, outsourcers and government agencies use Opsware to deliver this new, automated model of IT. For more information on Opsware Inc., please visit our Web site at

Opsware is a service mark and trademark of Opsware Inc. All other product names, service marks, and trademarks mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding the benefits and capabilities of our software products. These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from these statements, including the risk that the assumptions underlying our current business strategy may change, that our experience operating as a software company is limited, and that the products may not perform as described. More information about these and other factors that could affect our business are included in our Form 10-K filed with the SEC on April 14, 2006 under the headings "Risk Factors" and "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations" and the Forms 10-Q and 8-K that we file during the fiscal year. The determination of when the new automation capabilities described in this release, including the integration of iConclude's software with Opsware System 6, will be made generally available, if ever, remains at the sole discretion of Opsware Inc.
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Date:Nov 15, 2006
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