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Opposition to NAFTA mounts among Catholic groups.

The National Catholic Rural Life Conference has come out against the proposed North American Free Trade Agreement, saying it "should reflect the social charter between nations that ensures the dignity of workers and the protection of the environment."

Joseph Fitzgerald, NCRLC's executive director, said in a Sept. 17 statement announcing the group's opposition that NAFTA does not "meet the justice criteria of Catholic social teaching." He added, "a better agreement needs to be negotiated."

The NCRLC's Heartland Region, whose representatives come from the 21 dioceses of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, had previously announced its opposition.

Other Catholic groups opposing NAFTA include the Maryknoll order; Network; the dioceses of Winona, Minn.., and London, Ontario; the rural life committees in the dioceses of Winona, Minn., and La Crosse, Wis.; the human rights committee of the St. Louis archdiocese; and the peace and justice committee of the Lexington, Ky., diocese.
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Title Annotation:North American Free Trade Agreement
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Date:Oct 1, 1993
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