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Opposition senators unlikely to get nod to table no-trust motion.

ISLAMABAD -- Deliberations are under way at the Senate secretariat as to whether the opposition senators can table a no-confidence motion against the chairman during the session they have requisitioned.

Sources said the opposition senators might only be allowed to speak on public issues.

The opposition had submitted a requisition for convening a session along with a no-confidence motion to the secretariat.

The secretariat is going through the rules of the house to see if the no-trust motion against the chairman can be tabled during the session.

The sources said under rule 218 of the Senate regulations, only public issues could be discussed during a session convened through a requisition.

They added that former Senate chairman Raza Rabbani would be allowed to speak on public issues on a rolling basis and the session could be adjourned in case the opposition senators stage a protest.

Earlier, the secretariat had raised an objection maintaining that it had received two separate requisitions by the same opposition members for convening a session.

'Senate secretariat has received two separate requisitions for summoning of the session of the Senate by the Chairman Senate, under Clause 3 of Article 54 read with Article 61 of the Constitution,' it said in a letter sent to Senator Sherry Rehman, who submitted the requisition.

'The procedure regarding the receipt of two requisitions for the summoning of a session of the Senate by the same members at the same time is not covered in the Constitution, the rules of procedure and conduct of business in the Senate, 2012, or the standing orders. Therefore, you are required to kindly intimate this secretariat as to which one of the two requisitions signed by you shall be processed by the Senate secretariat for summoning under the Constitution, rules and standing orders of the Senate session. Further action will be taken on receipt of your reply.'

In response to the secretariat's letter, Rehman said these were tactics aimed at delaying the no-confidence motion against the Senate chairman.

She added that she had not submitted two requisitions. Instead, she maintained, she had submitted the requisition for convening a session and the other document was the no-trust motion against the Senate chairman.

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Publication:The Express Tribune (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 15, 2019
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