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Opportunity Center High School.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Graduation for the Opportunity Center High School will begin at 7:30 p.m., June 16, at South Eugene High School auditorium.

Commencement speaker will be head teacher Steve Mayberry. Special guests will include Beth Gerot, Carl Hermanns and Brad New.

Class of 2009

The 67 graduates include Terah Adams, Andrew Bailey, Cassandra Birdsell, Adam Bowen, Tiffany Brannon, Skyla Brocksmith, Tiana Brooks, Travis Burns, Anuraj Chand, Ronald Coddington, Brandy Conley, Lacey Courtney, Arielle Cronin, Brittany Culver, Randy Davidson, Donovan Delorme-King, Derrick Dinnell, Alana Donahue, Aaron Drake, Ramonna Drumm, Terra Fuller, Destiny Garcia, Yonni Garcia, Laurel Grinder, Jessica Guillen, Eden Hebard, Arica Heidtke, Cory Holliday, Raven Howard, Christina Johnson, Hannah Jonas, Kendra Jones,

Krystal Jones, Lillith Ka'at, Alli Kennedy, Michael Knoop, Chris LeLand, Christopher Lindstrom, Tiffany Lostrom, Nyoka Maness, Richard Miller, Robert Montgomery, Brett Morrow, Nick Mowry, Raymond Munson, Janet Ortiz, Jessica Ortiz, Lucas Oilman, Cassandra Pendergast, Beatriz Pimentel, Trent Preston, Michael Purcell, Randall Colton, Hillary Reed, Kaytee Root, Lynea Ross, Jessica Ruby, Shayne Runge, Brandon Smith, Adrien Spithill, Michael Steers, Damon Stephens, Danielle Stephens, Ashley Strobehn, Kyle Trosian, Jared Velez and Whitney Williams.
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Title Annotation:Schools
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:May 30, 2009
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