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Opportunities in Gas and Oil Drilling: Qatar.

The Qatar General Petroleum Company (QGPC) in Qatar does not ask for a pre- qualification list for drilling contractors. The bidding procedure is as follows:

1. QGPC will usually advertise to the public for any new bid through the different media like newspapers and internet.

2. Different contractors who have a local agent in Qatar can buy the bidding documents at a nominal fee.

3. The evaluation of bids will take in consideration the following main criteria: Rig specs, experience, manpower experience, lowest rates.

4. No preference will be given to any contractor over the others. Only preference will be given to the companies with more than 50% Qatari ownership.

5. All foreign drilling contractors must have a local agent in Qatar.

6. The duration of the contract is 3 years with 1 year extension clause.

7. 2-3 months are allowed for mobilisation.

8. All other operating companies in oil and gas fields will usually follow the same bidding procedure.

9. The drilling contractors which are currently working in Qatar are the following: Dual, American; Maersk, Danish; Qatar DRLG; Ensco, American; JDC, Japanese; Essar, Indian; Santa Fe, Kuwaiti; Noble DRLG, American.
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Publication:APS Review Gas Market Trends
Geographic Code:7QATA
Date:Oct 19, 1998
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