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Operators Conference.

EMBRAER HAS held its first Middle East Operators Conference, which was focused on customising solutions to improve support and streamline costs for the E-Jets operating in the region. Participants came together in a single forum, where they shared experiences and explored innovative ways of managing maintenance and operating costs.

A specific Embraer Hot & Harsh (H&H) Environment Operational Improvements project was launched for the Middle East region in December 2010, with the objective of optimising the E-Jets' reliability and reducing costs for fleets operating under these conditions. The results were presented in the opening session and updated for all Middle Eastern customers. Embraer has addressed several aspects regarding the short medium, and long-term impact of E-Jets' operations in these environmental conditions.
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Title Annotation:AIRLINE SECTION
Publication:Airports International
Date:Nov 1, 2011
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