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Operator 750. (AOC News).

Stratroost News

The President of the Stratroost is Kevin Todd, and he is one clever Old Crow. The page one of their newsletter is penned by Todd, who does not sign his name, he signs it with his e-mail handle The president, in his column, discusses their fifteenth annual golf tournament (which was a great success) at the Willow Lakes Golf Course. The tourney raised $2,800 for the chapter scholarship fund. Eighty-eight players were there that day. The winning team was Mike Cramer, Dave Gillespie, Tom Vincent, and Phil Shuman. This quartet humbled the course by scoring a 55! Second place? Frank Jett, Juanita DuBay, Seth Hargens, and Mel Mungin (scoring a 57). Lots of door prizes and work the day of the tournament. Kudos to the committee: Mike Hoskins, Jim Thomas, Lane Bittick, Curtis Wood, Lt Col Al Brunner, Lt Stacey Shaul, and AIC Justen Gramanz. There were eighteen golf-hole sponsors (garnered by Pete Glenboski) and 27 door-prize contributors. In late October, the Roost had on stage a discussion by Joh n Bergen. Using open-source intelligence, Bergen presented a program entitled "Fighting in Afghanistan." He has 30 years of experience as an intelligence officer in Vietnam, the Strategic Air Command, and the Pentagon.


Kittyhawk Report

For ten months of the year, K-Hawk holds a noon meeting at the golf course at WPAFB (Area A) on the first Wednesday of the month. Our speaker in October was Dwight Early (Aeronautical Systems Center) who is the Air Force Transition Program Manager for the "Loitering EW Killer" (LEWK), an Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD). K-Hawk President Dave Hime and VP Mike Maleski were TDY; however, Mark Hoxie (K-Hawk Treasurer) led the 75 Crows through the chow line and kept the meeting on as scheduled. If you plan to be at WPAFB on a first Wednesday, call the luncheon coordinator, Major Verle Johnson, USAF at +937.904.5061. Our thanks go to two lady Crows (Laura Sample and Mary Chaffman from Ball Aerospace) who were on duty to take your $10 and introduce you if you were new to Kittyhawk....A chilly day in Dayton means two of our Crows head for sunny Florida. Don Graves and Russ Harrod will once again drop in to see Dr. Carl Miller and, of course, congratulate the doctor on his election to the AOC "EW Tech nology Hall of Fame." ...Things are going smoothly for new president Dave Hime. Well, there has been one problem. We wanted Dan Kennedy (Ball) to be Santa at our annual K-Hawk Christmas party, but they don't make Santa suits in his size.


Kudo Corner

In October, the Billy Mitchell Chapter held their annual awards and installation luncheon, with awards director Ron Poland at the helm. After lunch, Lt Col Tom Alford introduced the winners. They were the eight BMC winners out of the 100-plus who were nominated for consideration at the National AOC level. The BMC crows selected were Dr. Michael Grothaus, MSgt Tim Autry. Col David Kirk, Capt Dan Tadevich. Gary Ciranna, Mike Jackowski, Capt Richard Wall, and Fred Daring. This meeting also gave the BMC Crows an opportunity to see, in action, their new president Don Macauley and two recently elected board members. Sam Roberts and Mike Miller. Out-of-town Crows admire the smooth way these Texans organize their Fiesta Crow conventions. What is their secret? They start early. Mark Ashton will chair their 2003 gathering.


Silent Caws

Some of you old Old Crows will remember Bobby F. Jones at WPAFB. He passed away on October 10. 2001. He retired after 30 years and for many years worked for such supervisors as Dick Hauser (Air Force Radiation Lab).


Crows On The Mend

DA04: Please add Bob Staloch to your prayer list. Staloch, a K-Hawk Crow, came down with Parkinson's disease a few months ago, and prospects for recovery were pretty dim for this outstanding Old Crow. Then some of our prayers were answered when a hospital in Cincinnati. OH, came up with an experiment. They inserted a device which has made a great improvement in his voice. We once called him "Mr. Smooth." and we have hope for this crow to bounce back.


Dixie Crows

Rob Caudill edits the Dixie Newsletter. Here is just a sample from Rob's pen. In her column, Dixie Crow President Julie Vick had praise for Greg Taylor (Ball Engineering), who has been supporting the local Future Scientists and Engineers of America (FSEA) program at the local Russell Elementary School. There was a presentation to Lt Col Ron Herpst, an award from the National AOC to Ron for his support, planning, and coordination for supporting the Naval Air Warfare Center Symposium at Pt. Mugu. Note: The Dixie Crow Symposium is set for March 24-29. I'll bet you a one-dollar cigar that Herpst will be one of the speakers. And with Dixie's usual perfect weather always available, John Wayne and Ann Carter arranged a golf tournament. It was robust. Seventy-five players! Here is a sample report. Longest drivers: Becky Brashear. Keith Yeager, Jerry White,

Greg Hoke, and Ray Mitchell. Nearest to the pin winners: Greg Hake, Jeff Bringslid, Stan Patat, and Gene Watkins. We close with congrats to Dixie Crow member Jerome Smith, who received his 30 year Civil Service Pin at the LN picnic on October 12, 2001.

Crows Who Have Flown

We are delighted to hear from Crows of yesteryear. Frank Catanzarite and wife Maya are enjoying life out west. A few years ago he was a charter member of K-Hawk. Vince Battaglia, (Golden West Crow) about a year ago had discussed getting the chapter active again. Frank's phone number is +310.377.0024, and his email address is We got an email from long-time Crow Tracy Wichman, Tracy, a long-ago K-Hawker, lives in Ormond Beach, FL and is very busy. He teaches electronics at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (part time) and attended his 50th reunion at MIT. His email address is years ago, I knew John Grigsby here at WPAFB. John is trying to locate Stan Bevans, who was an Air Force Lieutenant in 1966. Stan, now a retired 0-6, nomenclatured the APR-25 and -26 in the Wild Weasel program. If you can help Grigsby locate Stan please e-mail him at Heath retired (almost). A K-Hawk member years ago, this former enlisted m an later worked in industry, moving to Sparks, NV, where he has been writing the history of the Lockheed family. At the moment, he is looking for the engines used in the early days that were manufactured by Taft Pierce Company (RI). They were tested at WPAFB in the early '40s.

In Conclusion

At the latest Fiesta Conference in San Antonio, Tony Rubino ran into Capt Al Patton, 563 Flying Training Squadron. During their conversation, Rubino asked for the privilege of addressing the students currently attending the EW School. In the accompanying photograph, they have just bestowed a "thank you token" on Tony at the conclusion of his address. Tony loves an audience, and he loves to talk about EW. Including his time in the AF and commercial arena, he has been around for a while. It would not surprise me to learn that he knew both Wilbur and Orville.
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