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Operation tooth brigade. (Association Bulletin).

Meeting in March in Chicago, the ADAA Board of Trustees discussed what ADAA members could do for our fellow U.S. Army dental assistants. Because of ADAA's contractual relationship with the Army, a donation of money or materials on an institutional level is not permissible, however, individual members may take actions that will be appreciated by army assistants.

Letters, cards and AT&T phone cards (no packages please) would be appreciated by Army dental assisting personnel. These can be sent do First Sergeant Scott who is in charge of the 561st Medical/Dental Company and c/o First Sergeant Hoffman who is in charge of the 502nd Medical Company serving in Iraq and will be in charge of giving letters and cards to the soldiers. When writing, please address cards to

* FS Scott, U.S. Soldier, 561 MED CO (Dental Company), APO AE 09302-1292, or

* FS Hoffman, U.S. Soldier, 502nd Medical Company, APO AE 09302-1292

Since these are U.S. addresses with a zip code, no postage other than normal U.S. postage is required.

SGM Stephen Spadaro also asks that we remind everyone that many of these soldiers are young and very lonely away from home, so correspondence should be kept on a professional level. We welcome ADAA membership participation in this worthwhile "Operation."
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Title Annotation:helping Army dental assistants
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Date:May 1, 2003
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