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Operation toasty toes: knitters with a cause. (From the editor).

COUNTRYSIDE: I've just finished my latest issue of COUNTRYSIDE and thought "Oh, what wonderful things people have to share," and wished I had something to share, too.

My garden is not doing well (stupid slugs). So I started over while I still had time, and that didn't work either (stupid slugs and ducks). The last three years our garden has been so bountiful that after canning I was giving veggies away by the bushel, but not this year. So that's nothing too great to share.

Sitting with my yarn last night, I realized I do have something to pass along. It won't necessarily benefit homestead life, but it will be a cause for joyous hearts for crafters and U.S. military personnel--Operation Toasty Toes. Toasty Toes are hand-crafted, knit or crocheted slippers that are shipped abroad to U.S. enlisted personnel. Slippers across the U.S. are mailed to chapter representatives, who in turn ship cases of slippers to units stationed abroad. I am the distributor for Chaper 8.

All slippers must be knit or crocheted with double strand acrylic yarn (sorry homespinners, no wool), and each slipper must have a cuff.

Currently slippers are being shipped to Afghanistan, and the soldiers really appreciate them, not just because the nights are cold, but because they're a smile and a hug from someone back home who cared. Many recipients do take the time to write a thank-you note, and many times the notes are on the back side of a K-ration wrapper. Other units will receive slippers, also.

Patterns can be seen online at; or send a SASE to me at: OpTT8, Box II-A, Shelton, WA 98584. Be sure to include a note informing me of your preference for knit or crochet patterns. If you would like both sets, please use two stamps on your return envelope.

If you do not knit or crochet, a slipper loom is easy to make and fun to use. I will send you directions for the construction of a slipper loom for a $5 donation to use toward OPTT shipping expenses.

Thanks again to all for such wonderful ideas and tips.--Shellie Humphries,
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Author:Humphries, Shellie
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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