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Openmoko Adds Strategic Innovation Company, faberNovel, as Distributor for FreeRunner in the United States.

Openmoko FreeRunner Now Available on faberNovel, Inc. online store

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Openmoko Inc, maker of the world's first totally open mobile phone, today announced that faberNovel, Inc has joined the worldwide distribution network for the FreeRunner open source mobile phone. Since launching the FreeRunner in July of this year, Openmoko has built out a network of more than 20 distributors covering North America, Europe and Asia. Paris, France based faberNovel, a design and innovation firm dedicated to engineering, strategic development and experimentation, will distribute the Openmoko phone in the US through faberNovel, Inc, their San-Francisco office. faberNovel was introduced to the Openmoko through its French technical partner, Bearstech, a French open source engineering company. faberNovel, Inc is currently taking orders for the Openmoko Neo FreeRunner open source mobile phone, priced at $399 at its online store, (

"We believe Openmoko is making what the market will recognize as the next generation phone," said Clement Alteresco, faberNovel COO. "Our goal at faberNovel is not only to be a premier distributor of Openmoko phones in the U.S., but also the premier supporter of the Openmoko user and developer community, starting with our Bay Area-based user group and code sprint sessions. We encourage everyone, from beginners to experts, please visit our San Francisco space online or in person -"

"faberNovel exemplifies the Openmoko spirit of Free and Open Source collaboration and invention," said Openmoko Vice President of Marketing, Steven Mosher. "faberNovel, like Bearstech, offers a comprehensive approach to development projects, from engineering to sales and complete support of its customers through all phases of a project. We appreciate their dedication and support of the Open Source community combined with their own innate engineering innovation and expertise."

Bearstech, which has been working with Openmoko since June 2008, offers two distributions in early alpha: --a GNOME mobile implementation, and --a hackable device operating system designed from the ground up. Bearstech focuses on introducing new FOSS products such as the Openmoko phone to the Free and Open Source community at conferences such as Solutions Linux, RMLL, Codebits (PT) FreeWorldForum, BarCamps.

About Bearstech

Bearstech is a young and innovative engineering company based in Paris, and a major open source player in Europe and internationally. Its primary business consists of providing value-added services around web hosting (production management, scalability, architecture, and code audits). Bearstech's R&D activity focuses on hackable devices, like the Openmoko project.

About faberNovel

faberNovel's expertise ranges from strategic planning, project organization, process and product design and change management, all focused on the major theme of technology innovation. faberNovel has produced research papers on Facebook and other social networks, and runs the coworking facility PariSoMa in San Francisco that acts as a hub for technology innovation.

For more information, please visit the Paris headquarters site at, and the San Francisco offices at

About Openmoko

Openmoko is the commercial and community driven effort with a mission to create open mobile products that empower developers and consumers to personalize the devices, much like a computer, in any way they see fit. Openmoko is dedicated to helping innovators bring freedom and flexibility to consumer electronics and vertical market devices.
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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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