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Opening the kitchen up and out.

Cramped and cut off from the back garden, this kitchen was typical for a 1940s tract house. According to owners Denise Brakefield and Robert Larsen, "We dreaded cooking because of lack of counter space, only one electrical outlet, and inefficient appliances." They decided to open up and out. Brakefield and Larsen first thought they would increase the floor space, but estimates for foundation expansion proved too expensive. Instead, they decided to give the illusion of additional space. They replaced the original flat ceiling with a pitched one, its angle drawing the eye upward. To take advantage of the vertical volume, they heightened the window over the sink. For additional spaciousness, the owners removed a wall between kitchen proper and breakfast area and built a counter in its place. Containing a new cooktop and space for a buffet, this peninsula divides the room into working and eating areas without isolating them from each other. A sliding glass door replaced the breakfast nook window, providing easier access to the back garden. The door opens to a new redwood deck, which steps down to a flagstone patio.
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Title Annotation:kitchen remodeling
Date:May 1, 1990
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