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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- In its commitment to more strongly align its support with the changing needs of the digital video industry, the OpenMPEG Consortium, formerly OM-1, has reorganized by appointing a new board of directors and shifting its strategic direction. The Consortium is committed to ensuring that consumers who purchase MPEG products will be able to run them as designed on any compatible playback device.

The Consortium has adopted a new vision which is simply to enable consumers to purchase MPEG products with the assurance that those products will run as designed, because MPEG standards have been adopted internationally and implemented consistently by all vendors.

To accomplish this vision the Consortium is focused on working together with standards bodies and manufacturers of computer hardware, software and operating systems to recommend guidelines for MPEG implementations that are responsive to market needs and implemented in a consistent and timely fashion. Additionally, the Consortium will facilitate the development of a certification program which will help to inform and assure consumers of the compatibility between applications and MPEG playback products.

"Our focus is clear, the OpenMPEG Consortium will make MPEG products an easy purchasing choice for consumers," said Sean O'Toole, OpenMPEG Consortium chairman. "By working cooperatively with standards bodies like the Software Publishers' Association and platform vendors like Microsoft, we will open up the MPEG market."

The group changed its name to OpenMPEG Consortium to communicate its broad support for the overall MPEG market, and allow it to further encourage development of MPEG-based applications. MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) is the leading video compression technology for the personal computer and offers full-screen, true color, 30 frames per second video playback with synchronized CD-quality audio.

Named to the new board of directors are:

Chairman Sean O'Toole (Xing Technology Corporation)

Vice Chairman Mark Farley, (S3, Incorporated)

Secretary/Treasurer Kelvin Klusendorf (CompCore Multimedia)

Past President Jim Anderson (miro computer products AG)

Executive Director Catherine Tornbom (OpenMPEG Consortium)

Director Eric Camirand (Cinax Designs Inc.)

Director Mackenzie Waggaman (Interactive Alliance Corporation)

Director Steve Wilkinson (IBM Interactive Media)

The new Board of Directors governing the OpenMPEG Consortium represents a broad cross-section of the industry. Its members have a vested interest in cooperative relationships among vendors of software and hardware, title developers and manufacturers of playback devices.

OpenMPEG History

Formed in 1994, the OpenMPEG Consortium was originally chartered with defining an industry standard that would enable developers and manufacturers to deliver television quality video on the personal computer platform. In June 1994 the group, in conjunction with Microsoft, released the Windows MPEG Media Control Interface (MCI) Command Set, followed by a DOS API in early 1995. The Consortium continues to work closely with companies such as Microsoft to continue API standard development. These APIs are available from OpenMPEG at no charge.

"With the advent of low-cost MPEG video solutions, high-quality video playback on the desktop is becoming a reality," said Mark Farley, vice chairman of the Open MPEG Consortium. "A standard API is critical to ensure compatibility from system to system."

Member Companies

The OpenMPEG Consortium represents the worldwide multimedia market, with members from major multimedia chip, board, system, software and title companies. Members include:
 ATI Technologies Aztech Systems
 Cinax Designs Inc. Cirrus Logic

Compaq Computer Corporation CompCore Multimedia
 Diamond Multimedia Digital Equipment Corporation
 Dynaware USA Inc. Hercules Computer
 IBM Interactive Media Intel
 Interactive Alliance Interplay
 Jazz MultiMedia Lewis Siwell
 Matrox Graphics Media Computer
 miro computer products Pacific Video Resources
 Philips Media Readysoft, Inc.
 Ring Zero Systems S3, Inc.
 SAS Institute Inc. Sigma Designs
 Sony Electronics Trident Microsystems
 Visionetics International Vitec Multimedia
 Xing Technology Yuan Technology

For information on joining the OpenMPEG Consortium, please fax your name, company name, phone, fax and email address to Catherine Tornbom at (415) 967-0995.
 -0- 2/27/96

/CONTACT: Catherine Tornbom of OpenMPEG Consortium, 415-903-8300 or; or Allison Niday of Impact Communications, 408-439-0977, or

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