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OpenGL ES 1.0 Specification Released by Khronos Group.

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Official, royalty-free subsets of OpenGL bring advanced

graphics to embedded systems; Specification produced

in under a year - now available for free download

The Khronos Group today announced that it has ratified the OpenGL(R) ES 1.0 royalty-free open standard for advanced 2D and 3D graphics in embedded systems, and that the API specification is available for free download at The OpenGL ES standard defines subset profiles of OpenGL(R) to enable small-footprint embedded applications with advanced graphics capabilities. The OpenGL ES specification has been developed by many industry-leading companies that are members of Khronos, together with the full support of the OpenGL Architecture Review Board (ARB); the governing body for the OpenGL desktop standard. The Khronos Group is dedicated to the development and deployment of both OpenGL ES and OpenML(TM); royalty-free, open standard APIs that enable authoring and playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices.

The OpenGL ES 1.0 standard was produced in less than twelve months using the Khronos Working Group process, and Khronos expects to update the OpenGL ES specification annually in order to track and enable the rapid developments of graphics capabilities in handheld and embedded devices. OpenGL ES 1.0 has been designed to run both in software implementations as small as 50Kbytes, and also to enable hardware graphics pipeline acceleration on both fixed point and floating point systems. The OpenGL ES working group has simultaneously defined a companion specification to OpenGL ES, called EGL 1.0, which standardizes how OpenGL ES may be integrated into a wide diversity of operating systems.

The OpenGL ES 1.0 and EGL 1.0 specifications are now available for free download from Khronos for any third party to implement in products with no licensing restrictions or royalties. Within three months, Khronos will release details of an OpenGL ES 1.0 Adopter's Program to enable interested companies to join Khronos for a small administrative fee in order to gain access to source code for Conformance Tests and example implementations, and to use the OpenGL ES trademark on products that pass the defined testing procedure.

Now that the OpenGL ES 1.0 specification is ratified, Khronos is initiating a parallel working group to create a closely-related OpenGL profile to meet the particular needs of safety critical markets - including automotive and avionics displays. Any company interested to participate in this development is encouraged to join the Khronos Group and help ensure that this new OpenGL ES profile meets the needs of the industry.

"3Dlabs initiated the development of OpenGL ES as we recognized an opportunity to enable and catalyze the widespread deployment of advanced graphics in a broad range of embedded markets," said Neil Trevett, senior vice president of market development at 3Dlabs, secretary of the Khronos Group and chairman of the OpenGL ES Working Group. "3Dlabs is a strong advocate of open standards and we are pleased that Khronos has been able to deliver OpenGL ES in such a short time frame - as it will enable us to accelerate our development of OpenGL ES-compliant IP cores for system on chip designs."

"ARM (Nasdaq:ARMHY) (LSE:ARM) believes that OpenGL ES 1.0 is well-timed and hits a sweet spot in a market hungry for an open, royalty-free, embedded 3D API. OpenGL ES is ideally suited as an API for our MBX HR-S and MBX R-S embedded 3D graphics accelerators, and OpenGL ES 1.0 drivers for these market-leading IP cores are currently under development." Ashley Stevens, Product Manager - Graphics, ARM.

"Bitboys is delighted to see a standard 3D graphics API becoming available which will be supported by our Acceleon(TM) family of graphics processors, designed for embedded and handheld devices." Petri Nordlund, CTO, Bitboys

"Hybrid Graphics will continue to develop its portable Gerbera(TM) rasterizing technology for OpenGL ES, as well as providing future implementations which can be integrated into mobile graphics hardware. We will also continue to participate in the future OpenGL ES standardization process." Harri Holopainen, CTO, Hybrid Graphics.

"HI Corporation has designed the latest version 4 of its Mascot Capsule (R) 3D Graphics Engine to take full advantage of OpenGL ES compliant hardware and will also offer software implementations of OpenGL ES." Junya Tsutsumi, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, HI Corporation.

"Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) believes OpenGL ES will be very significant in broadening the appeal and accessibility of 3D applications in the embedded market. Combined with the excellent support of the OpenGL ES API technology provided by our PowerVR MBX graphics cores, OpenGL ES promises superior graphics performance for handheld devices. We expect to show MBX silicon running on the OpenGL ES API later this year." John Metcalfe, VP Business Development (PowerVR), Imagination Technologies.

"Motorola (NYSE:MOT) believes as content will drive the sales of new devices for wireless, entertainment, and information exchange; interoperability standards are necessary for all the devices to interact. As a world leader in creating such devices and the components and platforms necessary to enable them, Motorola greatly supports both the OpenGL ES and OpenML standards work that will help move content, devices, and the industry, forward." Morris Moore, Vice President and Director, Systems and Architecture, Wireless and Broadband Systems Group, Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector

"Nokia (NYSE:NOK) welcomes the completion of OpenGL ES 1.0. For the first time, there is an open standard 3D library suitable for embedded devices such as mobile phones. This standard enables proliferation of games, entertainment and visual communication and messaging on open software platforms such as Symbian OS; and serves as building blocks for other tools, such as JSR-184, the Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME." Jari Pasanen, VP Multimedia Computing Platform, Nokia Mobile Phones

"SGI is a founding member of the Khronos Group and is proud to have helped in the development of this important specification. With the first version now complete, we are happy to announce that SGI is renewing its Promoter level membership in the Khronos Group in order to continue increasing the value of the OpenGL ES API." Shawn Underwood, director of marketing, Visual Systems Group, SGI

"Texas Instruments believes OpenGL ES will be a major contributor in driving quality 3D graphics in the mobile handset market. TI will support OpenGL ES across TI's market leading OMAP processors and TI is working with a broad spectrum of third parties to deliver middleware and engine solutions." Paul Werp WW OMAP Director of Marketing, TI

Khronos Group invites you to attend their OpenGL ES and OpenML SIGGRAPH BOFs (Birds of a Feather Sessions) in San Diego. Meet with Khronos Members and hear them speak in their various fields of expertise on the state of each APIs development. Come for Q&A and to discuss plans for the future. Full descriptions of session content are available at:

Tuesday July 29, 2003

San Diego Clarion Hotel Bay View - Grand Ballroom

OpenML: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

OpenGL ES: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

You may also visit the Khronos Booth #3535 to pick up a copy of the download instructions for the OpenGL ES 1.0 Specification, the OpenML Linux/NT SDK and to see a showcase of Member demos.

The Khronos Group is a member-funded industry consortium founded in January 2000 by leading graphics and digital media companies. Khronos membership is available to any interested company and both Promoting and Contributing members are able to contribute to the development of Khronos API specifications, are empowered to vote at various stages before public deployment, and are able to accelerate the delivery of their cutting-edge 3D platforms and applications through early access to specification drafts. Go to for more information.

OpenGL is a registered trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc., OpenML, the OpenGL ES logo and the OpenML logo are trademarks of Silicon Graphics Inc. used by permission by Khronos. All other product names, trademarks, and/or company names are used solely for identification and belong to their respective owners.
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