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Open-door policy. (Letters).

The comments of B Ghosh (FM, November 2001) carry overtones of academic elitism that I would never wish to see fostered by our institute. CIMA retains an open door to people who did not go to university, but who attained a good standard of A-level or equivalent education and chose to spend their formative years in industry or commerce, while studying to attain their CIMA qualification.

CIMA differs from other accountancy bodies because it puts a strong emphasis on management, rather than on purely technical accounting and tax matters. My years in industry were invaluable for formulating ideas on management and sound business practice. It taught me to be part of a team. CIMA members offer a balance of accounting expertise and management common sense. This is particularly relevant when communicating with line managers.

CIMA has gone a long way towards making accountancy understood and approachable. It concentrates on giving firms what they require, and not what academies think they require. This is something it should sell.

Jeremy Hollis ACMA
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Author:Hollis, Jeremy
Publication:Financial Management (UK)
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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