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Open-and-shut laundry and sewing room.

Open-and-shut laundry and sewing room

Capitalizing on an open second-story hallway, this tiny (7- by 8-foot) laundry and sewing room seems anything but claustrophobic. Sliding cabinet-type doors on three tracks open to let air and light in through a 4 1/2- by 8-foot "window'--or close to conceal work in progress.

Designed by Portland architect David Rockwood, the room gets it spacious feel by hiding sewing and cleaning clutter in a shallow closet and sleek cabinets with European-style blind hinges. Clean lines also characterize a stainless steel sink, the appliances, and a sewing machine on a work table near the window.

Supplementing natural light from the window are recessed down lights, fluorescent lamps above a perimeter soffit, and track lighting over the work table.

Photo: With sliders closed, second-floor laundry room is hidden from hallway, and from two-story living room and entry hall below

Photo: Opened, the room is ready for everything--from stains to repairs. Towel bar above sink can hold wet drip-dry clothes

Photo: Tall closet, only as deep as the wall studs, holds the ironing board
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Date:Feb 1, 1988
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