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Open technologies Web site for school leaders.

THE CONSORTIUM FOR SCHOOL NETWORKING (CoSN) has launched a new Web site as part of its K-12 Open Technologies Leadership Initiative to help raise awareness among K-12 education technology decision makers about the use of open technologies. According to CoSN, "open technologies" include source software, open standards and hardware that are available with fewer licensing restrictions than proprietary sources. That means educators can download resources such as server and desktop programs, databases, text, photos and lesson plans at low or no cost.

"This site is a tool for education leaders, decision and policy makers to help them better understand how open technologies can be implemented to make a positive impact on students' learning, increase efficiency and potential cost savings for school districts," says Shaun Taylor, project director for CoSN's Open Technology Initiative.

The new site features articles such as, "Five questions you should ask before adopting open technologies," and "The Real Cost of Open Source Software." CoSN plans to focus initially on the fundamentals of the open technologies movement in education, then progress into more sophisticated content.

The new Web site is at www. For more information about the Consortium for School Networking, visit
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