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Open or shut sandbox ... built into the deck.

For toe squiggling or castle building, you can't beat a back-garden sandbox. It's a great place for small children to exercise their imaginations. But since it can also collect unsightly piles of plastic toys or become an impromptu litter box for neighborhood cats, it's nice to be able to cover it when not in use.

Nancy and Steve Jenkins' narrow side yard was the ideal spot for a sandbox, but it was also the best place for outdoor entertaining. To accommodate both activities, they built a sandbox with a lid. When closed, its 3- by 5foot doors lie flush with the deck.

A fishpond at one corner and plantings in raised beds and along the fence give the area a more formal feeling when the sandbox is covered. Design: Michael Glassman of Environmental Creations Inc., Sacramento.
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Date:Apr 1, 1989
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