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Open letter to Ugandan President and LRA Leader.

10 March 2009

Open letter to President Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda and General Joseph Kony, Leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)

Dear Excellency, President Museveni and General Kony We, the women from the Greater North of Uganda, national and international women's organizations welcome your efforts for peace, in particular your engagement in the most recent peace process. As you know the people of the Greater North have suffered in this conflict. Over 1 million of us have been displaced from our homes, much violence and brutality has occurred, we have not been able to farm our land, grow our crops, we have not been able to educate our children, we have not seen development and progress in the Greater North because of this conflict. There has been widespread violence including sexual violence committed against women predominantly by the LRA, but also by the UPDF and others. Our communities have disintegrated from within due to the pressure of our collective poverty, suffering and lack of justice. We would like to congratulate you both, for your leadership in guiding your respective delegations during the most recent Peace Talks process. As you know women from the Greater North were very active in this process particularly since the negotiations on Agenda Item 3 on Accountability and Reconciliation. As women's rights and peace activists, as mothers, as women who have lost family members in this conflict and who have been harmed ourselves, we participated in the Government Consultations and the Consultations held by the LRA/M in 2007 to put forward our views, demands and desires regarding peace, accountability and reconciliation. We participated in the resumed Peace Talks from January-March 2008. We have encouraged both parties to negotiate, to find a way forward, to stay committed to the ending of the conflict and to accountability. In April we went to Rik-wang-Ba for the signing of the final Peace Agreement but our hopes were dashed when General Kony did not sign. We have been disappointed many times since then as the final agreement remains unresolved. We are very concerned by the military offensive against the LRA launched in December 2008 by the Governments of Uganda, DRC and Southern Sudan. We are concerned by the reports of loss of life within the LRA especially of those who were themselves abducted into the militia group. We are in solidarity with the loss of innocent lives in the attacks within the DRC and Southern Sudan since the offensive was launched. We are also in solidarity with all women and communities affected by conflicts especially in the Great Lakes region. We are not convinced every effort was made during 2008 by the Government, the Mediation Team, the United Nations, the LRA, the donors and the international community to secure a peaceful resolution. Specifically we note the absence of the necessary political will and determination to complete the peace process which we found to be inexplicable given the negotiations were finalized and the resources available for this process were significant. We also note that the conflict does not seem any closer to ending as a result of the current military action. Our message to you as women from the Greater North is that we want peace -- peace with reconciliation; peace with truth-telling; peace with forgiveness; peace with justice; peace to harmonise and restore our communities. Mr President and General Kony, as Leaders in this conflict we call upon you both to establish an immediate ceasefire with the following requirements: 1. That the LRA is provided with safe passage to immediately assemble in the designated area in the Rik-wang-Ba National Park as outlined in the Peace Agreements; 2. That the LRA release women and children from their group; 3. That the Government of Uganda work closely with the United Nations and other international agencies in preparation for the return of the women and children from the LRA to ensure their safety, the provision of treatment, assessment and adequate medical and psychological support, and their ultimate return to their communities. The engagement of women, traditional and religious leaders in this process is also vital; 4. That the final peace agreement between the Government of Uganda and the LRA is signed. This letter is supported by 250 local and national Ugandan NGOs along with organizations from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan the Central African Republic and international networks and organizations around the world. Sincerely 1. Greater North Women's Voices for Peace Network, Uganda

2. Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice

3. Uganda National NGO Forum -- (Membership of over 360 NGOs) 4. Survivor Corps -- (Uganda)

5. Kitgum Women's Peace Initiatives (KIWEPI)

6. Kitgum Concerned Women Association

7. Teso Women Peace Activists (TEPPA)

8. Kitonyounai Women Peace Group

9. Mother's Union Lango Dioces

10. Lango Female Clan Leaders

11. National Association of Women Association of Uganda (NAWOU) Lira Chapter

12. Lira Women Peace Initiatives

13. Lira Women Widows and Orphan Care

14. Ocok Can Women Association APAC

15. Catholic Women Guild, Lira Dioces

16. Gulu Women for Peace, Reconciliation and Resettlement (GUWOPAR)

17. Teso Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Women in Development (TERREWODE)

18. Otingite- BA Women's Peace Group, KATAKWI 19. Totodwe Women's Group

20. Boma North Female Youth Tailoring Group

21. Apiri Women in Development

22. Agurut Aigesigesitoi Widow Group

23. Kumi Women's Peace Initiatives for Development

24. Teso, Karamoja Women Initiatives for Peace

25. Lokinyinyir Women's Group

26. Lokiderider Women's Group

27. Nakerei Women's Group

28. Abim Mother's Union

29. Apurwonpit Women's Group

30. Cidkwok Women's Group

31. Aware-Uganda (Action and Awakening women in rural areas) 32. Saint Monica Women's Group

33. Karamoja Rural Women Association (KARWA)

34. Karenga Widows Association in Development

35. Mandelo Women's Group

36. Nakapiripirit Catholic Church Women's Group

37. Kakamongole Mandela Women's Peace Group

38. Namalu Women's Development Association (NAWODA)

39. Lolacat Mother's Union Group

40. Nabilatuk Mother's Union Group

41. Lorengeduat Women's Peace Group

42. Kimaumau Women's Peace Group in Iriir sub county 43. Nakamilit Women's Group

44. Iriir Mother Union Group

45. Matany Women's Health Group

46. Lotimong Women's Group (Lopei sub-county)

47. Lokopo Women's Peace Group

48. Matany TBS Women's Group (deals with HIV/AIDS) 49. Uganda Girl Guides Association from KUMI

50. Ongino Women in Development Initiatives

51. Okouba Agro- Processors Women's Group

52. Kumi Muslim Women's Association

53. Uganda Women's Effort to Save Orphans (Kumi)

54. Kumi Women in Development Sacco

55. Teso- Karamoja Women Initiatives for Peace

56. Mother's Union (Kumi)

57. Iteso Cultural Union

58. Kumi District Widows Association

59. Kidongole Mother's Union 60. Kolir Women Peace Promoters 61. Kamatur Women's Peace Group

62. Komomngomeri Women's Peace Group

63. Aminit Women's Group

64. Tajar Women's Group

65. Prime Age Women Group

66. Grassroots Women Association for Development

67. Cam Nono Ber Ki Winyo Women Group

68. Nen Ayim Women Organisation

69. Empowering Hands

70. Kwo Lonyo Women Group

71. Can Pe Rom Widows Group

72. Old Age

73. Tegot Development Association

74. Ribbe Ber Saccocs Group

75. Wil Layibi Community

76. Women for Development

77. Women Economic Empowerment

78. Gulu Women Tailor Association

79. Layibi Women Housing Association

80. Ma Lubanga Omiyo Women Group

81. Gulu Women Fish Monger Association

82. Mak Matic Women Network

83. Lacankwite Women Group

84. Tailoring Group

85. Acholi Cultural Foundation

86. Women's Fellowship Fund Guide Group

87. Ushindi Women Group Kisugu

88. Mercy Group

89. Tute Keni Group

90. United Brick Construction

91. Amuka Construction

92. Techenica Group

93. Cobra Group Ribe

94. Juakali Group 95. Good Samaritan

96. In Need Northern Youth Group

97. Ber Iywe Group

98. Kaka Nyero Group

99. Nyeko Rac Group

100. Lango Cultural Group

101. Akonyi Ki Bedo Group

102. Mami Sport Group

103. Trinity Group

104. Kony Peko Group

105. Peko Rom Group

106. Business Group

107. Pimewa Group

108. Tem Ki Kom Group

109. Awara Awara Group

110. Docus Widows Group

111. Good Samaritan Ministry

112. Pi Tek Awaro Women's Group 113. Pe Nonge Labedo Women's Group

114. Uganda Microfinance Organisation

115. Kitgum Women Association

116. Gulu Dairy Farmer's Association

117. Lamogi Women's Leaders Association

118. Paimol Women Dancers Group

119. Te Got Development Association Koc Goma

120. Lapono Women Cultural Group

121. Gulu Venders Women's Group

122. Kainkono Boda Boda Cyclists

123. Pur Ber Group

124. Awaru Group

125. Charcoal Department

126. Rib Rok

127. Odomit Group

128. Paco Ripo Dano

129. Cam Kiwedu Group

130. Can Kelopeko Group

131. Can Rom Group

132. Can Pe Tum Group

133. Timkikomi

134. Watute Group

135. Can Odiya Group

136. Ribe Ber

137. Kwo Ki Lawoti

138. Ribe Ayeteko

139. Sallon Group

140. Kuwe Group

141. Latic Omyero

142. Atimaang Group

143. Cam- Kilawoti Group

144. Mina Women's Group

145. Pit Ondong Ki Mon Women's Group

146. Rubanga Aye Miyo Group

147. Sudanese Women Empowerment for Peace (SuWEP)

148. Salmmah Women's Resource Centre 149. The Gender Centre for Research and Training 150. SEEMA Center for Training and Protection of Women and Child's Rights 151. Women Empowerment for Peace & Development

152. The Family and Child Friends organization

153. Al-Khatim Adlan centre for Enlightenment and Human development

154. Darfur Bar Association

155. Teacher First for Training & Research (ALAM)

156. Sudanese Center for Trade Union & Human Rights

157. Agri Peace for Development

158. Someit for peace and Human Rights

159. Vigilance for Development

160. Sudanese Monitoring for Human Rights

161. Sudan Liberation Movement SLM/Women Bureau/France

162. Sudanese Studies Center

163. Khartoum Center for Human Rights & Environmental Development

164. Skills Development Society

165. Alg Press and Media Center

166. Sudanese Development Association

167. Environmentalist Society

168. Sudanese Organization for Research and Development( SORD)

169. Zenab for Women Development

170. Peace Bridge Association

171. National Democratic Alliance

172. Sudanese Youth Development Association

173. Shams Association for Development

174. Friends of Children Society 175. Music for All

176. Omelhuda Women for Peace & Development

177. Asmaa Association 178. Amel Center

179. Coexistance & Development Organization 180. Corporacion Humanas

181. Global Centre for Women's Leadership

182. femLINKPACIFIC:Media Initiatives for Women

183. Rwanda Association of University Women

184. Global Justice Centre

185. JASS

186. CREA

187. Association for Progressive Communications Women's Networking Support Programme

188. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

189. Nobel Women's Initiative

190. International Women's Tribune Centre

191. Women's Action for Change, Fiji

192. Centre for International Governance and Justice, Australian National University

193. La Cuerda

194. Agenda Feminista 195. UniEn Nacional de Mujeres de Guatemala UNAMG Sector de Mujeres

196. Lesbiradas

197. FundaciEn Myrna Mack

198. Colectivo Ecologista Madreselva

199. Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo

200. Coordinadora Nacional de Viudas de Guatemala CONAVIGUA

201. H.I.J.O.S.

202. Centro de AcciEn Legal para la defensa de los Derechos Humanos CALDH

203. Seguridad en Democracia SEDEM

204. Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado de Guatemala ODHAG

205. Actions des Femmes pour les Droits et le DE[umlaut]veloppement (AFD)

206. Association des Femmes pour la promotion et le DE[umlaut]veloppement EndogE[umlaut]ne (AFPDE) 207. Association de lutte pour la promotion et la dE[umlaut]fense des Droits de la Femme et de l'Enfant (ALUDROF)

208. Association pour la DE[umlaut]fense des Droits des Femmes (ADDF) 209. SolidaritE[umlaut] des Femmes en DifficultE[umlaut]s (SOFED) 210. Aide aux Femmes victimes des conflits ArmE[umlaut]s (AFEVICA) 211. Promotion des Droits de l'Enfant et de la Femmes (PRODEF) 212. Femmes unies pour la charitE[umlaut] et le bien E[logical not]tre communautaire (FUCBC) femmes Large unions de femmes pour le DE[umlaut]veloppement (LUFED) 213. FE[umlaut]dE[umlaut]ration des Femmes pour la paix et le DE[umlaut]veloppement (FEPADE)

214. Centre pour l'Education Animation et DE[umlaut]fense de Droits de l'homme (CEADHO) 215. Groupe de RE[umlaut]flexion et d'Actions pour les Initiative des femmes et l'autopromotion (GRAIFA) 216. Fondation Femme plus (FFP) 217. Association des Juristes du Sud-Kivu (AJUSKI) 218. CharitE[umlaut] pour tous 219. Association des mamans ChrE[umlaut]tiennes aux secours des vulnE[umlaut]rables (AMCAV) 220. Dynamique pour la solidaritE[umlaut] des Femmes (DSF) 221. Cadre de concertation pour les Actions de paix (CCAP) 222. Initiative des Femmes pour le DE[umlaut]veloppement l'Autopromotion et la paix (IFDAP) 223. Centre d'Etude et de promotion des Femmes (CEPROF) 224. SolidaritE[umlaut] Echange pour le dE[umlaut]veloppement IntE[umlaut]gral (SEDI) 225. Une Femmes qui en soulE ve une autre (FESA) 226. SolidaritE[umlaut] et paix pour le DE[umlaut]veloppement IntE[umlaut]grE[umlaut] (SOFEPADI) 227. Centre d'Encadrement des Femmes Enfant dE[umlaut]sertE[umlaut]s pour l'Auto promotion (CEFEDA) 228. SOFEPADI-Beni s

229. CAF-Beni 230. FJDF-Butembo 231. EVA-Butembo

232. SOFEPADI-Bunia 233. FOMI-Bunia 234. PAPHY-Bunia 235. ASSOMARPI-Bunia

236. Caucus-Bukavu 237. SFVS-Goma 238. TermitiE re-Kalemie 239. SAFI-Maniema 240. EFIM-Goma 241. CERDF-Kisangani

242. AFPDI 243. NDJF

244. RAF-Kinshasa

245. Ouvrier du Monde-Bukavu 246. EFIMEAC 247. AFEPANOKI 248. Coalition Congolaise pour la Justice Transitionnelle 249. Organisation pour la Compassion et le DE[umlaut]veloppement des Familles en DE[umlaut]tresse OCODEFAD, CAR

250. Mouvement pour la DE[umlaut]fense des Droits de l'Homme et l'Action Humanitaire MDDH

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