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Open house at S.F. Insect Zoo.

Open house at S.F. Insect Zoo

Are you bothered by insect pests in yourgarden? That's one reason to visit San Francisco's Insect Zoo during its open house on June 14. From 11:30 to 3:30, entomologists will describe ways to control plant-damaging insects; at the same time, children can learn how to start an insect collection, find out how bees make honey, sample meal worm cookies, and much more.

The Insect Zoo displays 40 species ofinsects and spiders--just a tiny fraction of their buzzing and scurrying worldwide total (30,000 species of spiders and nearly a million species of insects).

Some of the ones on display are quitebeautiful and rare, such as the Malaysian dead leaf mantid. Even the commonplace becomes fascinating--a glass-walled hive lets you peek in on the lives of honeybees at work. A close look at some 4-inch-long Costa Rican cousins of the American cockroach may make you find their Western counterparts less upsetting.

The Insect Zoo is in the Children's Zooarea of the San Francisco Zoo, Sloat Boulevard and 45th Avenue. Hours are 10 to 5 daily. Main zoo admission is $3.50, ages 15 and younger free with an adult; everyone over age 2 pays $1 to enter the children's area.

Photo: Hairy, harmless Mexican red-leggedtarantula is on show at the zoo this month
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Date:Jun 1, 1987
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