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Open for business; The Salon Ch4, 9.00pm.

RUN by 11 full-time staff, The Salon is a fully working hairdressers and beauty salon in south London, that opens its doors every weekday tea-time in January.

Viewers will be able to take part in The Salon by booking appointments with any one of the stylists or beauticians.

The half-hour daily shows also features members of the public, who will share topical stories as they have their treatments.

Plus, once a week, beauty experts will visit to provide the latest specialist treatments including Botox, colonic irrigation and collagen lip implants.

The Salon will bring you everything you would expect to find in a high street hair and beauty spa - gossip, chat, makeovers and beauty tips.

Over eight weeks, all the daily dramas, behind-the scenes gossip and staff- room banter will be captured via discreet cameras and microphones placed at key locations throughout the premises.

While the viewer appointments are free of charge, all other aspects of The Salon operate like any other beauty business.

All staff will work to high standards, under the watchful eye of manager Paul.

His staff consists of three stylists - Adee, Ricardo and Sonja - junior colourist Melanie and receptionist Sandra. Beauticians Sabrina and Suzanne and beauty trainee Oliver will also be working under Paul's guidance.

The staff were selected to work at the south London spa with the assistance of consultants Anthony Mascolo of Toni&Guy, Beverly Cobella (Hairdresser of the Year 2001 & 2002) and beauty expert Shavata Singh, from Michaeljohn, Mayfair, London.

Many of the highly-qualified team have put on hold prestigious jobs and celebrity clients to work at The Salon.

The Salon's opening hours will be between 10am and 7pm, Monday to Friday. Weekday half-hour shows on Channel 4 feature all the latest events as well as highlights of the past 24 hours.

Mugabe's Secret Famine

Ch4, 8.00pm

THE news from Zimbabwe is apocalyptic - the country is in economic free- fall and its people are on the brink of starvation.

A famine is underway, one not caused by climatic conditions, but man- made - by the country's president, Robert Mugabe.

But no-one knows what's really going on because Mugabe has imposed a ban on all foreign journalists and TV crews.

Peter Oborne and Paul Yule go undercover into Zimbabwe to get at the truth behind the rumours.

The programme asks if there are there really 6 million people in danger of starvation?

What they discover is shocking - people who have always been able to feed themselves are now facing starvation.

A political party (Zanu PF) and a government are using a food shortage partly caused by drought to kill off the Opposition.

Monkey Magic

five, 8.00pm

OUR four irreverent young magicians unleash more of their breathtaking sleight-of-hand skills.

Watch in amazement as Tufty (Pete Firman), The Colonel (Jonathan Goodwin), Papa (Pete McCahon) and Monkey Boy (Ali Cook) perform their conjuring tricks on the general public and on dumbfounded celebrities.

They'll also be pitting their tricks against each other to see who comes out on top.

In Fooling the Famous this week, The Colonel attracts the attention of EastEnder Dean Gaffney. During a brief interview, he asks a tuxedoed Dean if a spot on his chin is noticeable. Dean says he can't see the Colonel's zit.

Then the crafty conjuror decides to pop the offending item - cascading a fountain of fake pus onto his sound technician.

Dean then, understandably, gives him a wide berth.
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Date:Jan 11, 2003
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