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Open Libraries.

Open bibliotheken (Open libraries) is an Internet initiative from information professionals Jeroen de Boer and Edwin Mijnsbergen. They believe that libraries should be forerunners in the debate on free access to information on the Internet. is a website where you can search for books, music, movies and other media from open Internet sources which are often not made accessible through catalogues of public libraries.

Jeroen de Boer and Edwin Mijnsbergen argue: 'Freedom on the internet is under pressure. It's becoming more and more difficult to use and reuse copyrighted material. By extending the 'neighboring rights' of sound recordings by 20 years, less and less material find their way to the public domain'. The developments raise difficulties for libraries. Will they agree with publishers and contribute to a regulated web or make a stand for Internet neutrality and free access? is an illustration of curating for the public on a free access basis.

The Lute in the Golden Age.

The magnificent Dutch paintings from the 'Golden Age' are justly world famous. In the past decades, the notion has gained ground that the musical life in The Netherlands was equally vivid and rich. In this musical culture the lute played a prominent role.

During the Early Music Festival Utrecht 2013, the theme of 'The Lute in the Golden Age' will be explored by means of concerts and various other activities. Furthermore, three publications will appear which together illustrate the lute and its importance in the culture of the Dutch Golden Age. Two of these publications are devoted to the works of the prominent lutenist Nicolas Vallet.

This set of publications consists of: a high quality facsimile edition of the complete works of Nicolaes Vallet, in two volumes, a double CD with a broad selection of Vallet's music and a richly illustrated book covering all aspects of the Lute in the Dutch Golden Age (in English).

The complete extant music for the lute by Nicolas Vallet will appear in a new facsimile edition of the highest standard. One book will include the 'Secretum Musarum I', 'Secretum Musarum II' and '21 Psalms' (after the copy of Museum Flehite in Amersfoort) and while the other will be devoted to the 'Regia Pietas' (after the copy of the National Library of St. Petersburg). The facsimile's will be produced as a faithful reproduction (as they will have left the presses in the early seventeenth century) and will come together in a cassette with a separate scientific explanation. These editions are appropriate for scientific study as well as practical use.

Double CD

This new double-cd is entirely devoted to the works of Nicolaes Vallet (c.1583-1642): The first cd covers Vallet's entire 21 Psalms of David (Amsterdam 1615). This music, Vallet's most delicate repertoire, will appear in its entirety on cd for the first time. The second cd presents a selection of Vallet's finest pieces for lute solo, crowned with his unique music for lute quartet, from Secretum musarum (Amsterdam 1615-18).


The richly illustrated book The Lute in the Dutch Golden Age: Musical Culture in the Netherlands ca. 1580-1670 gives, for the first time, an overview of the history of the lute in the Netherlands during this period. Included are all aspects of the instrument: famous and obscure lutenists, professional musicians and more or less gifted amateurs, the lute music which is transmitted in printed books and manuscripts, the lute makers and the (international) lute trade. The position of the instrument in Dutch literature and painting of the period is also explored. The book contributes not only to our knowledge of the lute, but also of the culture of the Republic, especially its musical aspect that up to now has been relatively neglected. The book is written by Jan Burgers, who is known from a number of publications about the lute. It will be published by Amsterdam University Press, in its series Amsterdam Studies in the Dutch Golden Age.

Ria Warmerdam
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Author:Warmerdam, Ria
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Date:Apr 1, 2013
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