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Open Box Technologies Introduces SesameVault 2.0 to Bring the Power of Web and Mobile Video to Businesses.

Capitalizing on the Web Video Platform Market, SesameVault 2.0 is a One-Stop Shop for Businesses Looking to Store, Manage, and Publish Video to the Web and Mobile Devices

TROY, N.Y. -- Open Box Technologies, Inc. , a leading provider of web-based video solutions, today announced the availability of SesameVault 2.0 , a platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes to cost effectively integrate web and mobile video with their core business, marketing, and communications initiatives. With recent IDC research showing video use within the enterprise growing at an annual compounded rate of nearly 50 percent over the next five years, it's clear businesses are turning to video and other rich media to help them keep in regular contact with employees, partners, and customers.

The SesameVault 2.0 platform enables customers to have complete control over their content; both how it is incorporated into their business and presented to their users. Among its many features, the platform enables businesses to publish their content for access via web browsers and a wide range of mobile devices including iPhones and Blackberries.

"Regardless if we're talking about an accounting firm or a media publisher, organizations across the board are recognizing the relationship between content quality and accessibility, and their ability to attract and retain users," said Cameron Brain, CEO and founder of Open Box Technologies. "We've worked closely with our customers for over a year to ensure SesameVault 2.0 is the most cost-effective, powerful and reliable solution for storing, managing, and publishing video to the web and mobile devices."

For more information on Open Box Technologies and SesameVault 2.0, please visit the company blog.

Customer Support

"Video is an essential tool for Gonzaga University, especially with the growing popularity of distance learning programs," said Paul Edminster, Web Services Manager at Gonzaga University. "We needed a web video solution that was easy to use, could automatically encode all of our videos, and would integrate with our existing systems. Of all the solutions tested, SesameVault was the only one that successfully decoded all our content and provided us with the tools we need to enhance our graduate and undergraduate programs, both in and out of the classroom."

"Video usage as a communications tool is becoming a game changer in so many ways and we're seeing more and more of our customers interested in incorporating video into their websites," said Alan Masterson of Tictoc Family, a UK-based digital branding agency. "SesameVault is our all-in-one toolbox when it comes to video because the API is so flexible - a necessary feature considering all of our projects are bespoke. In fact, SesameVault powers all the video services for, an online community where veterinarians across the globe can engage in new ways by creating, uploading, viewing, and sharing videos relating to veterinary science."

"SesameVault provides us with all the video services we need at the right price," said Alfonso Acosta of Ga +pema, a Mexico City-based multimedia design lab. "Many other web video platforms have priced themselves out of the small business market, but SesameVault even goes beyond many of the higher-priced platforms in terms of the features it provides, which is why we use it for our major client projects like and It's also really great to see that SesameVault is tuned into its customers' needs; the 2.0 upgrades are going to allow us to push the envelope even further in terms of the quality and types of solutions we can provide to our customers."

"We are in the process of using SesameVault as the video backbone for a widespread teacher training program on the use of our software," said Andrew Morrison, Director of Technology at Children's Progress, a NYC-based education assessment services provider. "We needed a cost-effective solution that could be easily integrated with our products and that we could brand however we wanted. SesameVault provided us with all of that at a really good price."

About Open Box Technologies

Open Box Technologies was founded in 2005 with a focus on expanding the reach of digital media through open, cost-effective, and powerful web-based solutions. Open Box's SesameVault product is a web-based platform for businesses to store, manage, and publish video to the web and mobile devices. For more information please visit
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Date:Apr 20, 2009
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